6 Types Of Toxic Bosses And How To Deal With Them

6 types of toxic bosses and how to deal with them

Sometimes liking your job is not enough. The type of boss you have can have a huge impact on your performance, work environment, and even sanity. Here are 6 types of toxic bosses and how to deal with them:


The Devil Wears Prada

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They feed on your anxiety and expect you to do everything their way. They never give you a break or show you any appreciation for your efforts and keep challenging you with difficult tasks. They love making you feel unworthy and incompetent.

How to deal with it:

Prove them wrong and show them that you’re not as weak as they think.

The Intimidator

They love to intimidate and put you on the spot. They enjoy embarrassing you, announcing your mistakes or shortcomings, and asking for your opinion in a room full of people. Sometimes it makes you second guess your own views, lowers your confidence and question your abilities.

How to deal with it:

Keep your confidence up and don’t be afraid to voice out your opinions. Master the art of thick skin and don’t let the negativity break you.


The Godfather

They set unrealistic rules for others but think they are free to do whatever they please. They are capable of going missing for hours, making you wait forever even though you have already blocked their time, or changing the meeting venue at the very last minute. They don’t respect your time and expect you to respect theirs.

How to deal with it:

If they go overboard and make it difficult for you to get your work done, try talking to your HR department.

The Angry Boss

They have anger management issues and tend to shout at the top of their lungs when things are not done their way. They are extremely impatient, only see things from their point of view, and sometimes even use vulgar words.

How to deal with it:

Keep calm. If it has a negative impact on your work or makes the environment unbearable, try talking to your boss.


The Emotional Boss

They break under pressure and are not capable of controlling their emotions. They lash out when things go wrong and sometimes even cry. They look for your faults even though you’re innocent of any wrongdoing.

How to deal with it:

Ignore their emotional outburst and try to focus on your work. Stand up for yourself when you feel like you’re being treated unfairly

The Kan Cheong Boss

They are always breathing down your neck and won’t let you do your work in peace. They keep reminding you about the tasks you need to do. They are always restless and often appear next to you just to check on your progress.

How to deal with it:

Tell them to relax and assure them that you’ve got it covered. Be honest about needing some space so you can concentrate and get your work done.