6 Ways A Leader Can Increase The Morale At Workplace

Company morale can be a tricky thing to navigate around. If it’s too low, employees begin to slack or even quit, which causes the company to lose out on great assets to the workforce. However, there are ways to foster a more positive work environment that doesn’t involved increasing their salaries. Here are 6 ways a leader can increase the morale at workplace.

there are ways to foster a more positive work environment that doesn’t involved increasing their salaries. Here are 6 ways a leader can increase the morale at workplace.

1. Get to know your employees

Start by getting to know your team on a personal level. Start small – find out about their background, things they like/dislike, birthdays etc. Give off a friendly vibe and create camaraderie at work.

Plus, this allows employees to feel valued as a person in a team. It’s also another way to managing talents and not micromanaging the team.

2. Celebrate accomplishments

After months of blood and sweat, the end result is always so satisfying. This feeling is always great and it will boost your self-esteem. What’s even better? Receiving compliments from others about your hard work.

How about applying it in the workplace? Take time to reflect on the accomplishments as the team and help everyone feel appreciated. No matter how big or small, it’s nice to let employees know how much they have done. It could be shown through emails, a card or even a team lunch to celebrate!  


3. Have fun together

Other than spending time together at the workplace, take some time off together. Find fun ways to come together as friends outside of work.

It doesn’t have to involve lavish parties, it can be simple things like having a meal together, playing laser tag or a movie outing. While doing this, leave the work out of it. No one likes to be reminded about the stack of papers on their desk waiting to be cleared.

4. Ensure open communication

Always allow employees to know that the top management is always available to listen and engage. Often, employees find too many barriers between themselves and the management. It’s hard for them to voice their opinions or they feel like it goes unnoticed and this drops the morale in the workplace.

If it’s hard to meet everyone face-to-face, leave suggestion boxes around or allow employees to email their concerns. Keep the communication lines open.


5. Find out what motivates people

Just like how companies have KPIs to reach, find what drives your employees. Have a conversation with them about what they value and how they measure success at work. It differs according to people but this gives the management the chance to see how to help individuals achieve goals at work.

It might even give management ideas they have never even thought of to increase the spirit at the workplace.

6. Grant time off to pursue passion projects

After a few years of working for a company, it might start to feel stagnant for some employees. Consider giving them time off as a reward for their years of service.

Personal/passion projects can serve as a rejuvenating break from regular responsibilities. Employees could pursue acting classes, learn scuba diving, take a solo trip, the possibilities are endless. This time off isn’t a time to sit at home, companies should make it clear that it’s for them to pursue their own projects outside of work.


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