6 Ways To Appear Confident At interviews Even If You are Super Nervous

After a long and arduous search, you scored an interview! Your worries now shift to “Can I find the right job” to “Can I pass this interview and leave a great impression?”.

If the idea of sitting across the room from some top management executives scares you, you’re not alone! Instead of letting your nerves get the best of you, take a deep breath and look at 6 ways to appear confident at interviews even if you are00 super nervous.

6 Ways To Appear Confident At interviews Even If Youre Super Nervous

Just breathe

Before heading through those doors, take time to go through some breathing exercises. Direct all your worries and anxieties into something else.

Breathing and mindfulness exercises usually help to restore calm in any situation. Applying these techniques before an interview will help to put your mind at ease.

Be prepared

The key to acing your interview is to be prepared before you meet your potential employer. Read up about the company, some of its policies and news related to that field of work.

You’ll feel confident speaking about what you know and you’ll be able to ask the right questions. Don’t come off as too rehearsed but well-equipped instead.

6 Ways To Appear Confident At interviews Even If Youre Super Nervous

Dress right

When you look confident, you’ll feel confident. That’s not going to happen in flip flops and tank tops. Depending on where you’re interviewing at, it can range from smart casual to formal attire.

Pick pleasant colors, wear minimal accessories and most importantly, feel confident. First impression counts!

Know when to pause

Some of us tend to ramble on during interviews when we’re nervous. This might lead to unnecessary points that could jeopardize your chance at a job.

Instead of trying to cram too many points at one go, focus on explaining one thing at a time. If the interviewer asks “What drives a good leader?”, focus on explaining one point first. It’s OK to pause before the next question.

6 Ways To Appear Confident At interviews Even If Youre Super Nervous

Strong eye contact

When you’re talking to your interviewers, make sure to look at them in the eye. Giving the side eye or looking elsewhere gives off an uninterested vibe. Even if it’s because you are nervous.

One technique that people use to make eye contact is to focus on a spot between the interviewer’s eyes and take regular breaks by looking at your resume or the room.

Right body positioning

Whenever you’re sitting or standing and talking to someone, your body tends to shift in their direction. That’s a clear way of noticing if a person is interested in talking to you.

The same can be applied to interviews. How would you like your interview to view your body language? Adjust your body right and you might even feel a burst of confidence!


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