6 Ways To Bounce Back After A Breakup

6 Ways To Bounce Back After A Breakup-01

Did you just got out of a bad relationship? Are you finding it difficult to move on in life? Let’s be real. There’s no way of sugarcoating this situation – breaking up hurts. Some days, it’s hard to get out of bed or function.

However, there are simple steps – in no particular order – you can take to deal with the heartache. There’s no one guaranteed cure but there are ways to heal and become a better version of yourself. Here are 6 ways to bounce back after a breakup.

6 Ways To Bounce Back After A Breakup-01

1. Accept the pain

First and foremost, you’ll have to understand that pain is inevitable. It’s going to take a toll, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Even if you want to pretend or try to drown those feelings, it’s going to be there.

Allow yourself to feel the hurt – cry, scream, punch your pillow. It’s ok to feel the pain and come to terms with your loss but learn to set boundaries before you start wallowing in it.


2. Allow “me” time

While you might be tempted to throw yourself into everything just to forget about the break-up, it’s good to take use this time to focus on yourself.

Take yourself out on dates – enjoy alone time, savour good food, hike or watch movies. The list is endless. Find time to do things you never had the time to do or even dared to do and you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

3. Consider your break-up a lesson

It sounds strange but when your head is clear, look back at your relationship and treat it like a lesson. Just like every subject, you could either pass it or fail in. In Relationship 101, this could be a way to examine what worked and what didn’t work.

You could also use these insights to work on yourself and maybe when the next relationship comes along, you’ll have better ideas about how to navigate through it.

6 Ways To Bounce Back After A Breakup-01

4. Cut off all contact

After a break-up, you’ll want to look through all messages, pictures and just wishing for a chance to rekindle the relationship. However, it’s best to cut off contact to allow yourself to cool off and process your feelings.

No texting, emails, looking through social media and wondering what went wrong. If it makes you feel better, delete their number and remove them from your social media.

5. Say yes

Ideally, when a break-up happens, you just want to stay in bed. You probably don’t want to head out to parties or anything else for that matter.

How about saying yes to everything instead? “Want take up salsa classes?” “Yes!” “Want to spend the weekend going on a food trip?” “Yes!” You might find yourself enjoying all these activities and find a new hobby.

6 Ways To Bounce Back After A Breakup-01

6. Take a trip

Step out of your comfort zone by travelling. Pack your bags, it’s time for a refreshing and possibly life changing trip. Decide whether it’s going to be a solo or group trip, pick a location, plan and hop on a plane! Take this time to live in the moment and forget all about your ex!