6 ways on how to transcend your life from “only-just-being” to “now-fully-living”; reaching towards a higher state of awareness

6 ways on how to transcend your life from only-just-being to now-fully-living; reaching towards a higher state of awareness

It is in our human’s core nature of being to constantly seek.

We seek for what’s better and history has definitely proof so; how human’s interest has successfully turned ideas and inventions into reality leading to many of life’s greatest creations.

Then there’s a higher state of awareness.

We exist beyond this world; that meaning beyond all the great inventions, technologies and materialistic things we have today.

Our happiness and contentment are not connected with things but it is within ourselves that’s what defines us.

“People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.”

Following these 6 ways, discover how you can gradually reach a higher state of self-awareness; tapping into your fullest potential and becoming the person you’re destined to be.

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Meditation is effective when it comes to quieting down the mind. Away from the anxiety and busyness of the outside world, you reach deep within yourself. It is within that state of calmness and clarity that you’ll discover and have great insights of your true potential, allowing you to grow rapidly in mind resulting in the exact reflection your physical state and surrounding will gradually take.

 Listen to your intuition

Your gut feelings, hunches and urges are just some of the thing we call intuition as. The more we pay closer attention to our intuition, the higher the sensitivity we get when it comes. Your intuition works if you’ll start listening to it more attentively. It acts as a directive force, leading you away from what’s bad and pushes you to make choices that benefit you.

Record your thoughts down

Journaling your thoughts, feelings and experiences is a great move for self-reflection. With each insight you receive, you are gradually allowing your intuition speak. You will naturally form new beliefs and ideas about yourself, others and your surroundings.

Don’t resist change

The fear of the unknown and uncertainty is common but don’t let that hinder your way to attaining greater self-awareness. You can’t expect to reach a higher state of self without changing. Push through your comfort zone and don’t let past experiences hold you back.

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Expect more out of yourself

Raise your personal standards. Reaching higher state of awareness demands a lot out of you; it demands for a higher level of happiness, health and love. Expect more positivity out from yourself and don’t allow negativity to run its course regardless of whatever circumstances you may come across with. Keep reaching for something better and never allow negativity to pull you down.

Don’t feed your ego

If you’ll allow your ego to run your life, you’ll most likely end up living as how others think of you. Don’t fuel your ego and instead, start living a life that is based on your expectations. Your ego will only keep you in a being of trying to please everybody thus preventing you from living a life the way you should be. You higher state of awareness doesn’t want that. It wants you to live life on your terms and who you are meant to be on this earth.