7 Key Lessons In Life

7 Keys Lessons In Life

The older generations tend to feel regret when they’re getting old. Why? It’s because they found that they have spent their youngster era doubting themselves and not living a mindful lifestyle. We are supposed to get experiences from everything that happens in our life and learn from it. On how to live a mindful and meaningful lifestyle, we need to know these 7 key lessons in life.


Happiness is in your hand

Happiness is not just about what we have achieved in life. It’s not determined by what’s happening around us, but by what’s happening inside us. We need to change our life to be happier. Changing our life means to change our perspective on things. If we feel lazy and unmotivated to go to work, we are going to spend most of our lives miserable. You see, it’s all about our mindset. If we want to create happy memories, we must be positive on every road we take. Once we can control our mindset, our life will be more meaningful and filled with positive vibes.

Everything has a price tag

We’re not talking about buying groceries at the store. It means that there will be obstacles along the way to achieve our goal. Whatever our goal is, it’s not going to be easy. We will go through a roller coaster ride to get what we want. That is the price we need to pay.

For example, If we were to start a new business, we will have to endure the challenges ahead that are waiting for us. Many new startups cease to sustain within the first few years in business.  It’s really impossible then to even think about making millions in profit when starting, isn’t it? Hence, we must prepare our minds for all the obstacles that lies ahead.


We don’t own everything

Every one of us has a list of things that we want. Is it possible to get all of them? Maybe. However, we need to educate ourselves about the priorities in life. Before thinking about what we want, we need to think about how it can benefit us in a long run. We must be flexible and at the same time, important to balance our wants and needs. Don’t go overboard and regret later.

Imaginations kill us

We all love to dream about our ideal life. It’s not a bad thing to daydream, but it’s dangerous when it affects the way we think about ourselves. If we are to base our desired life from others’ opinions of us, we’ll start to make comparisons and end up trashing our confidence. We are allowed to listen to other people’s opinion. Nevertheless, we must remember that their thoughts do not represent who we are.


Limit exceeded

Nothing last forever. Every single thing we do have its own limitation. As a human being, it’s hard to digest that something would end but that is life. We have to educate our mind to accept that our life has a limitation. Be open and welcome life as it is.

Not everyone will stay

As a social being, we always yearn for someone to be by our side. Since young, we have been taught to make friends and socialize with others. As we grow up, some will stay, while some will leave. It’s hard to break a relationship, but it’s even worst to hold on to a toxic relationship. Every single person that comes into our lives would either teach us lessons or brings us memories. Take it with open arms and believe that it’s for the best. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.


Stay you and stay true

Less perfection, more authenticity. We always want to be a better version of ourselves. But again, we are human beings and we can’t run away from making mistakes. Instead of focusing on being perfect, we should focus more on improvising ourselves. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and use it to shape yourself.