7 signs you’re doing well in life even if you think you aren't

We sometimes don’t give ourselves enough credit and tend to imagine the worst. We may feel like we have to constantly fill a void without even realising that we’re actually doing okay in life. We need to stop putting ourselves down and start believing that we deserve better. Here are 7 signs you’re doing well in life even if you think you aren’t:


1) You know your worth

You have raised your standards and you no longer let people take you for granted. You are not afraid to voice your opinion or stand your ground. You are capable of walking away from toxic people or situations and staying true to your values.

2) You don’t care about what others think anymore

You have learned that your happiness is worth more than what people think. You put yourself first and go after what you want in life even if your family and friends don’t approve. You no longer need validation or approval to be yourself.


3) You have lived and learned

You know you are far from perfect but you don’t let your past mistakes define who you are or determine your future. You learn from your failures and try to find solutions. You have stepped out of your comfort zone and taken risks to achieve your goals in life.

4) You strive to be a better person

You no longer let yourself stay complacent. You work on yourself every day and try to be a better person. You forgive yourself for your past mistakes and make an effort to learn new things so you can grow as a person.


5) You have a purpose in life

You are no longer floating through life. You have a dream and you refuse to let anyone discourage you from making it happen. You don’t let a few roadblocks dampen your spirits and you are willing to face any challenges head-on.

6) You wish good for others

You still wish good for others no matter what life throws at you. You don’t judge too quickly and you understand that everyone has their own problems to deal with. You know it is important to be kind to people, even when you’re having a bad day.

7) You have the ability to forgive

You don’t waste your energy on negativity. You have learned to let go and forgive people who mistreated you. You no longer need apologies or closure to move forward. You focus on the positive side of things because you know it’s what you deserve.


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