7 things to say ‘No’ that’ll improve your everyday productivity and achieve more in life.

7 things to say No thatll improve your everyday productivity and achieve more in life-03

You have limits to your time, energy and interest.

But often, you find it difficult to say “no” to things that don’t align with your goals and priorities of life.

Sure, there would be a million reasons to why you think saying “yes” serves you better; possibly leaving a good impression or the fear of letting someone down.

In return, you lose out on yourself and instill unnecessary tensions and stresses into your life; where the one thing you can do to eliminate is to just say “no”.

“Whenever you say “yes” to something, you are eventually saying “no” to something else.”

Learn to say “no” to these 7 things in life

By that, you’ll come to live life on your terms based on your purpose and not by the agendas of others around.

1. Say “no” to negative people

things to say no

You become the person you surround yourself with. To grow and become the best possible person you can, be around people who brings out the better quality in you; one who lives life thriving with enthusiasm and optimism.

2. Say “no” to requests that don’t match your priorities

things to say no

Before you commit yourself to any tasks, be it for work or aspects in life, ask yourself if it’s align with your purpose and priority? Sure, people will influence your decision with possible opportunities you might obtain along the way. However, just because it may sound good, it doesn’t necessarily provides the best contribution to your job’s responsibilities or vision in life.

3. Say “no” to tasks that limit your time

things to say no

Every one of us is given the same amount of limited time each day and time becomes a precious resource. Prioritize your time to accommodate matters in life that are important to you; regardless for business, career, family, relationships or pleasure. Walk away from activities that don’t contribute beneficially to your time (e.g. gossiping or arguing over trivial matters).

4. Say “no” to hypes

things to say no

The world has become so competitive that it’s a constant competition to gain attention. Businesses, medias, companies and people alike are reaching out to others, at times through hysteria ways. Learn to differentiate facts from distractions and stay focus on contents that serve to add value.

5. Say “no” to things that you have no control over

things to say no

You don’t have all the answers to every question. The way we see it, you could either let it destroy you or you can choose to say “no” to the emotions and stresses that come along from feeling helpless over it (e.g. weather, politics, the government and how other people think). Consecutively when it comes to commitments, understand the underlying obligations and responsibilities you will have to be answerable for. If you find it’s something that you don’t have much information or understanding about, work on finding out more before saying “yes”.

6. Say “no” to arbitrary choices

things to say no

The thing about today’s most successful people in the world, they often wouldn’t allow unimportant decisions to take up most of their effort. One clear observation is based on the late Steve Jobs as well as Mark Zuckerberg. They don’t stress over what they put on every day and that little choice frees up their mental capacity, allowing them to make other bigger decisions. It gets pretty obvious when you begin to look into the things in your life on which you can start automating.

7. Say “no” to impulsive actions


Even though it’s difficult to stop ideas and thoughts from sparking within, it doesn’t necessarily means you have to act upon it as it comes. In order to get things done, discipline is very much required. Same goes to restraining yourself from being imprudently affected by external factors throughout your daily life, driving you further away from what you’re supposed to be accomplishing.

Saying “no” is not an act of giving up.

It is inevitable that some people would be affected when faced with rejection.

However, how others think or feel about so shouldn’t be your main cause of decision.

Do yourself a favor and make yourself a priority.

It’s not selfish. It is necessary.

What other aspects of things in life you feel it is necessary to say “No” to? Share with us below.

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