7 Understated Symptoms Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of

Depression is a common illness but people are still disregarded and treat it as if it’s a sinful thing. We should not take it as a joke as it’s a serious medical illness. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 300 million people of all ages that are suffering from depression. People are aware of this illness, but sadly, we are not fully exposed to vital information on this disorder. Listed below are the 7 understated symptoms of depression that you should be aware of.

7 Understated Symptoms Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of.

Negative emotions

Constant feeling of sadness tends to be the bridge towards depression. As we know, depression is an illness that can affect your feelings and emotions negatively. Other than feeling sad, it brings together down side effects such as feeling moody, bad-tempered and impatient.

This happens because their mind is full of thoughts. When you can’t shut down your brain, it becomes blurry, and everything seemed messed up. Your mind becomes chaotic hence it will feel like everything is bugging you.

Your bed is not your bff

We often see that when people are sad, all they want to do is to sleep. However, it’s totally different with depressed people. As your brain is working non-stop thinking and solving issues, it will be a hard task for them to fall asleep. It will be hard to unwind your soul if your train of thoughts can’t stop working.

7 Understated Symptoms Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of.

Everything is painful

Other than mental discomfort, depression also affects your physical health. How can we tell? If your body feels sore and lifeless, and you can’t explain why, it’s probably because of depression. Therefore, you must be conscious of whatever changes happen to your body especially if it’s in a negative way.

Weak and fatigue

Our body is not only made to do physical activities but also relatively vital when it comes to our emotions, decision making and the process of understanding. Our mind and body are inseparable. Hence, when you can’t control your mind, it will somehow affect your body. Your brain is tired of thinking. As a result, all you want to do is to lie on the couch all day long.

7 Understated Symptoms Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of.

Everything is my fault

It is normal for you to think and get reminded of your past. But it’s not healthy to hold on to it. Day by day, if you can’t let go of your memories, it will eat you out and that will cause depression.

We are human beings. We all make mistakes. Still, it’s not good for you to bring it into present moments and grief about it. Past is meant for you to learn from it. Accept it and learn to use it as motivation to be a better person.

Mindless decision

Some people can notice the changes in your facial expressions and physical appearance. To hide the fact that they’re on their weakest point, depressed people tend to make reckless actions and foolish decisions. A lot of them abuse themselves with alcohol and drugs as a way to cut out their feelings.

7 Understated Symptoms Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of.

Can’t focus

Depression causes fuzzy feelings, as if you’re in a room filled with smoke. They feel drowned making it hard for them to concentrate. If you suddenly get distracted easily, it could be a sign of this disorder.

If you find yourself having these symptoms, don’t stay quiet and ignore them. Don’t shy yourself away from it. Ensure that some measures of help are being taken to prevent you from falling into deeper. Always remember that your mental health is more important than the test, the meeting, the soccer game and, grocery-run. Love and take care of yourself.


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