8 Clear Signs That You Are Emotionally Drained


Life is like a roller-coaster ride. There will be ups and downs, and you never know what to expect. But there are times where it can be a little too hard for you to bear. Too many problems to handle can increase your stress level. Instantly leads to getting your emotional and mental drain. It will slowly suck your energy to the point of physical exhaustion, and sometimes all you can do is break down. It’s crucial to know when you had too much stress. Here are 8 clear signs that you are emotionally drained.


Feeling hopeless

You have fought your way out when the storm of life hit you, but no matter how hard you try, it still never ends. You have used your whole energy fighting each obstacle, yet it appears to get bigger than before. Eventually, you’ll start questioning yourself: why even bother?

That is what you called hopelessness. It’s incredibly dangerous as the pain and struggle might stay permanently in your life. Why? It’s because you have accepted that that is your life. If you feel this way, please seek for help.

Bad temper

Change is good. But if it transforms you from a nice cheerful person to someone who is short-tempered and easily angry, then that’s not a good sign. It can occur when you are under way too much stress. When the challenges you are facing take away all your emotional and mental reserves, you have no tolerance for even the smallest irritants in your life.


Most of you have left the crying habit behind with your teen years. As an adult, you have learned to control your emotions, and only allow yourself to cry when something huge happens in your life. But when stress has pushed you to the limit, crying might be a weekly or even daily thing to do. You could be crying because of a sad movie or even when somebody apologizes to you for whatever they did wrong.



If you are having trouble sleeping, it might be related to your emotions. As weird as it sounds, getting drained emotionally and mentally often leads to insomnia. You might think that it’ll be easier to sleep when you are sad or depressed. But this is not the case. Insomnia will happen when you have too many thoughts roaming in your mind till you can’t fall asleep.


Waking up late, fall asleep when the sun comes up, doesn’t even bother to take a shower or even brush your teeth. If you can’t function properly in your everyday life, your emotion might be suffocating from the negative vibes. Having too many negative emotions will make you feel unmotivated and lessen your desire to operate normally.


You have been through so much in life. You have the power to fight every single time you fell. But now, you can only feel a sense of detachment. You feel numb as if all the pain has gone. In reality, the pain is still there. But the pain seems non-existence when there is too much to handle. It is also known as Anhedonia, where you lose the ability to experience joy in life.



The symptoms of being emotionally drained can appear physically too. When you are dealing with too much emotion, your body can be affected and become physically ill. The symptoms could be joint pain, migraines, vomiting, heart palpitations and many more. Stress can exist in your belly, muscles, and your mind that can cause real, physical distress when being ignored.


Have you gone through a phase where you are consistently tired despite having a good hour of sleep and didn’t overwork?

You might think that you are just tired, but in reality, you are getting fatigued. Tiredness is when you’ve done a hardcore exercise or had a productive day at work. It will wear off once you’ve had a nice, long sleep. On the other hand, fatigue will stick with you. You can’t eliminate it by sleeping or drinking coffee. Fatigue is related to your mental state. When your soul feels heavier, you will be more fatigued.