8 Daily Habits to Brighten Your Day

habits to brighten your day

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right? For some of us, an entire week! Sometimes it is so bad that you would rather lay in bed all day in your PJs, contemplate life, cry your soul out while devouring *insert shame food*

This can be quite a demotivating experience. However, fret not. Here is an eight step-by-step routine which if practiced may just brighten up your day and make you appreciate life a little more.

Here are 8 daily habits to brighten your day.


1. Recite a mantra each time you wake up

No, not a religious mantra (although you could if it motivates you). Create your very own mantra, entailing your strength and your capabilities besides acknowledging your weakness. But remind yourself that nothing is going to stop you and the day is going to be a good day.

For example;

Today is going to be a good day. I am good in what I do, I love my job/class. I will do well. Even if I do not, I am not backing down. I am worthy of great things and I will achieve them. I will not be easily demotivated.

2. Self-praise is no disgrace

Stand in-front of your bathroom/dresser mirror and praise yourself for previous efforts and achievements. Boast to yourself. Reminding yourself of positive achievements could impact your mood tremendously.

3. Put on your best outfit

Pick out an outfit the night before, or wake up early to pick out your best outfit. What you wear has an impact on your confidence and the way people perceive you. So pick out your best outfit according to your own personal style and flaunt it!


4. Smile and greet

As you are on your way to class or work, be sure to smile at people you have eye contact with. Greet your daily barista, the cleaner, the receptionist, everyone in the elevator. Some of us are shy, but we have to break away from our comfort zone if you would like your day to be great. Similarly, everyone else would like to have a great day too, and your greetings could make a difference!

5. Offer a compliment

Compliment your classmate’s new shoes. Tell your desk partner she looks great today. Congratulate the office boy on the job well done. Compliments not only boost other people’s mood, it could boost your very own too. Knowing that you have made someone else happy will make you happy too.

6. When the going gets tough, don’t get going

Now, we could do anything to avoid challenges but challenges are bound to happen anyway. When faced with challenges, remind yourself of the mantra you recited earlier in the morning, and power through. If you need help or advice, do not be afraid to ask for help or advice. Most of all, remember that mistakes are meant to happen so that we can learn from them.

7. Reward yourself

Who does not enjoy being rewarded? After a long tiring day, you deserve to stop by that Arabian shop for your favorite Shawarma. Visit that Chinese stall down the street for some tasty dim sum. It does not even have to be food. Get cozy and watch your favorite tv series or call your best friend to tell for a “bitching” session. Whatever that makes you feel good is a reward. So do it because you deserve it!

8. Self-reflect before going to bed

Self-reflection is an ideal mean of keeping our lives on track. Reflect on what you did right that day and give yourself a pat on the back. Think of the challenges you faced that day and how you overcame them or how you plan to overcome them in the future. Reflect on your loved ones, and be grateful for having them in your life. Think of the happiest moment that day and go to sleep with a smile.