8 Easy Ways To Make People Like You More

8 easy ways to make people like you more

It’s not that difficult to be a like-able person. All you need to do is focus less on yourself and more on the people around you. Here are 8 easy ways to make people like you more:


1) Expect nothing in return

Smile more. Be present. Start a conversation with people and ask them about their weekend. Be kind without asking for anything in return. Offer your colleague a ride home. Be there when your friend needs a shoulder to cry on. Your attention could mean a lot to someone and people would appreciate you more for your sincerity.

2) Practice active listening

Pay attention when people talk to you. Don’t try to cut them off when you feel like you have something important to share or appear uninterested. Let them finish and just listen. Make it about them. They might end up telling you their whole life story and that’s okay. Sometimes people just want to be heard. You could even meet complete strangers and discover things they never told anyone before.

3) Be comfortable with who you are

Don’t worry about how others perceive you. Stop being insecure and start being comfortable in your own skin. Believe that you are an amazing person no matter how imperfect you are. When you do this, you will create more room to be more concerned about the people you meet. Try to make others feel better instead of focusing on yourself.


4) Don’t try to prove anything

Be genuine. Don’t agree with something just because you want to be liked. Don’t sugar coat your views just because you are afraid people might not like you. Don’t exaggerate or try to show off just to be accepted. Don’t attempt to sound like someone who knows everything just to impress others. Be yourself but be nice at the same time.

5) Avoid judging others

Hold back your judgement against people. Try not to criticise others if you don’t agree with the way they handle things. Treat everyone equally and never be too quick to judge a person by their appearance, job, or status. People will like you more when they know that you are a genuinely nice person.

6) Ask questions

Stop focusing on yourself all the time and try to give others your undivided attention. Show genuine interest in people’s lives. Start with a question then follow up with another. The more interested you are, the more open they will be.


7) Don’t be so serious

Try to loosen up and let your hair down once in a while. Crack a joke while you’re at it. It will put people at ease and even break the ice when necessary. Being serious all the time will make you seem unapproachable and people will most likely choose to avoid you instead of inviting you out for lunch.

8) Don’t be pushy

Don’t try to force your opinions down people’s throats or insist on getting what you think is right. Be more flexible and open to different ideas. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Respect what other people’s wants and views.