8 Habits That Are Important To Achieve A Happy Life According To A Zen Master

8 habits that are important to achieve a happy life according to Zen Master

In our life, we always strive for the best to have a better life. We have been thought on how vital it is to manage our life properly and achieve our goals. However, sometimes we are so into chasing the physical achievements that we forget to take care of our soul and mind. Happiness does not only come from the things that we have but most importantly it comes from ourselves. To attain new happiness in our life, we must start making changes from within. Below are 8 habits that are important to achieve a happy life according to Zen Master.

8 habits that are important to achieve a happy life according to Zen Master

Talk rationally and keep your promises

In this era, we can see how powerful words can be. Word that comes from us can affect a lot of people without even realizing it. It may seem nonsense, but our words represent who we truly are. When we put negative input into our mind, the output that we produce will be negative as well. Hence, before saying anything, we must think and know what to say and what not to say. That’s why we must be aware of our own words, and make sure to stick to it.

Eat properly

Happiness is not just about doing the things we love, but doing the right thing for our life. Some people love smoking, but it actually is killing them slowly. Hence, to be happy, we must take control and guide ourselves into the right path. How can eating relate to happiness? Because we are what we eat. Having full control over what we put in our body is a big responsibility. If we can’t control and abuse food, we will get bad consequences such as gaining weight, become unhealthy or even contract diseases. So, when we get sick, our mind and body would not be happy.

Change your routine

Sleeping is important and all of us love it. But it’s not good to wake up late every single day. We would start our day with less motivation and missing half of the day. So, start by changing our routine in getting up earlier than usual. It’s going to be tough, but again nothing is easy in this world. Take it as a challenge to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. To fight the sleepiness, we can start our morning with some meditation plus a soothing aroma of incense around us. This will relax our mind and wake us up even more.

8 habits that are important to achieve a happy life according to Zen Master

Balance it out

Life is about choices. From the second we wake up until we get to bed, we are going to make a lot of choices in our daily life. But there will be time, where we don’t know the right choice as we are not familiar with it and the consequences of it. According to the Zen, the best way to live is by balancing our life and be both a hero and a child. Meaning, there will be a time where we must be courageous and bold just like a hero; but we can also be as tender and gentle as a child. By knowing when to be who, we will make better choices and gain happiness.

Know what your heart desires

We have a lot of opportunities in this world but not everyone can see it until it’s too late to grab it. It’s good to take any opportunity that life throws at us, but again not everything suits us. Letting go of an opportunity is like a sinful act, however, if it’s not what your heart desires; there’s no point of regretting it. Before buying a shirt, we must make sure that it’s our size and we love the material. Same goes for the opportunity that we want. We must examine it and make sure it’s something that we are passionate about. When we do what we love, and love doing it, we will be happy and will never succumb to regret.

Don’t fake around people

This refers to living in the moment. Whenever we are with others, it’s crucial to be our own self and that goes with staying true to our beliefs even when we are alone We should use the same manner as when we are surrounded by other people. By practicing this, it will educate us to respect ourselves and our own time the same way we would respect others.

8 habits that are important to achieve a happy life according to Zen Master

Sleep consistently

One of the things that most people didn’t know is that our sleeping pattern actually affects the quality of our life. Having a consistent schedule of our sleeping time will determine the quality of our next few days. Practice to sleep at a consistent time every day and it will change our lives. We’ll be able to notice the instantaneous results very quickly.

Goodbye to the past and hello future

Living in the present is important, but letting go of the past is crucial. Our past is meant to teach us not to control our present. No matter what we have done, it should remain as our memories only. Take every lesson in our life as a motivation to create a better future.