8 Hurdles You Must Be Prepared to Face in Order to Make Your First Million

8 hurdles must prepared face make first million

The definition of financial freedom is simple.

It is the ability to live the lifestyle we desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.

In us, we all desire that financial ability which inevitable will allow us to do more with our lives.

However, not many of us are able to get to that pinnacle of life we yearn for.

Hitting your first million is one of the toughest challenges you’ll eventually be dealing with.

It takes a lot of commitment and a lot of setbacks in order for you to achieve so.

It can be extremely difficult. With that said an as a possible guidance, here are 8 hurdles you eventually must be prepared to face in order to make your first million.

1. Being a hypocrite

Inaction and not doing anything about it leaves to nothing.

It’s easy and we could talk about all day the things we want to be doing but it takes action and effort.

Sure, others will have their sets of opinion imposed on us but our success and where we want to reach does not depend on their validation and what they have to say about it.

We have to be prepared to step out of our comfort zones.

These comfort zones that we have been in at for so long will only lead us down a spiralling life of mediocrity and that doesn’t set us apart from the rest of the others that are living their life average.

In order to be different, we will have to work differently and that means taking that first step out.

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2. Concern yourself with what others have to think

Never allow yourself be defined by other’s opinion of you.

In whatever decisions and goals, they will be a handful of people that won’t see it your way.

It’s nice to be encouraged and appreciated but if it doesn’t, never allow the expense of how other’s think be the reason to why you cannot achieve.

3. Being around the wrong group of people

We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

That to say, if we are spending our time mostly with people who are not striving for success in life, we may end being drawn to that mentality.

As harsh as this may sound, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have to start eliminating people from our lives.

Instead, it pays to be mindful with the kind of people we are gradually associating ourselves with and what are the mutual beneficial value in this budding relationship.

Associate with groups of people that will motive and drive us to next heighten level. People that will undoubtfully provide us the extra push we’ll need to succeed.

4. Pointing fingers and putting the blame on others

When tough time comes, it’s easy to blame others for the situation.

Sure, we may be able to get ourselves out away from that rut but it serves no better value for our predicaments as it’ll only divert our focus away from what should really be done next.

Instead, it’ll be much more productive to search for our own problems and find what caused the faults – even if it’s from our own actions.

Be accountable. Own them. Accountability is personal power.

5. Staying the same just like everyone else.

To set yourself with standards higher than the rest, we’ll have to do things differently.

That means, thinking outside of the box, stepping out of your comfort zones, be rid of conventional thinking and striving to shift your perspective for alternatives.

Alternative perspectives are derived from various possible experiences. It’ll allow us to handle any situation in a more creative manner.

6. Settling for less

Old life habits are difficult to change and the more settling we are with the kind of life we live in, the harder will it be for us to reach greater potentials we have within.

Staying put is a sure-fire way that will eventually halt all growth and development.

Take a chance. Sometimes, we’ll have to stop being scared and just go for it.

7. Demeaning yourself and the potential you have inside

Because of how we may have been conditioned, they are some of us who believed that being successful are only meant for the exclusive.

We belittle ourselves and do not believe we are given the same equal opportunity to succeed.

The fact is, the formula for success is simple and applies to each and every one of us regardless of circumstances; that is be willing to work harder, be mindful of opportunities and constantly possess a growth-mindset.

8. Stop learning

Life is constant learning.

In times of good and bad, there are always something to be learnt out of it.

As Bruce Lee once said,

“Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.”

Always be hungry for new knowledge and intellectual curiosity. Not only will it help us stay up to date with the rapid change the world is experiencing, it opens up our horizon and brings in possible new opportunities to life.