8 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Here is a reminder; Valentine’s Day is just one week away! It may be a big deal for some couples but just a normal day for other couples (because why show your love and effort for just one day when you can do it every day right?). Anyway, some of us may be constrained in terms of time, finance and work commitments. This could make your significant other, feel slightly insignificant although some may or may not claim that they understand your situation. Nevertheless, there is no reason required to show a little appreciation right? So here’s to make things easy for you, 8 simple Valentine’s Day date ideas.

8 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


1. Picnic Date

Picnic dates are so simple, sweet yet underrated. It will cost you just a whiff of fresh air, perhaps a switch of mode to relaxation mode and some money for food and transport. First, you need to pick a location. It could be the nearest beach, park or maybe a significant location of interest. Then, check the weather forecast. Once you are decided, pack a couple of sandwiches, some dessert, snacks, juice, and surprise your partner!

2. Zoo Date

Remember when we were younger, how excited we used to be to go to zoo? If your significant other is an animal lover, then the zoo will be a great place to reignite that childlike excitement. It will cost you the entrance fee and half a day.

3. Homemade
    Dinner Date

We may not be master chefs but homemade food always screams effort! First, prepare a menu. You can watch cooking programs or look up online for simple homemade recipes. Tasty has good recipes, and they make it look so simple. Then, head on to the nearest grocery to get necessary items for your meal and perhaps a bottle of wine too. Be sure to set the dining table, light up a scented candle and have a hearty meal filled with laughter ☺


4. Gym Date

If your significant other is a fitness freak, a gym date is a great idea! Get those muscles working by lifting some weights and work that cardio. Remember to do it correctly though. You do not want to injure yourself at any point of time. Maybe after the workout sesh, the both of you could head on to the nearest healthy eatery to load on proteins. Why you can even surprise your partner with a protein shake! Well, you know what they say, couples who sweat together stay together.

5. Adventure Date

This is for those of you who are Dora’s by heart. Go hike up the nearest mountain, or explore that town you always wanted to explore. Try something you never did before, but keep safety a priority. An adventure always makes a good story, and if you have many good stories to tell, you will definitely be filled with happy memories together.

6. Drive Date

This will probably cost you petrol if you do not mind it. Maybe some car snacks too. Nevertheless, it is a great way to bond. Just drive down the coastal road or to a random city with some great music and some tasty snacks. The time spent on the road will also allow for a few heart-to-heart conversations. Stop to rest and for bathroom breaks. Take turns when driving so that one does not get too tired.


7. Bake Date

Baking is a very therapeutic activity. If the both of you have had a tiring week at work, then baking over the weekends will be a great way to de-stress and enjoy each other’s company. Best part is, you get to eat some scrumptious croissants or binge on some sinfully creamy crème brulee. It will cost you just some cash for the necessary items and perhaps an hour or two.

8. Volunteer Date

It always feels good to give back to the society, and volunteering is a great way. However, what makes it better is when you give back to the society together. There are many volunteer opportunities at the children’s home, old folks center, animal shelter as well as cleaning events, try Googling it. Volunteering together is not only a great way to bond; it also shows each other a side that the both of you may not have seen. At the end of it, you are left with a kind of joy, which the both of you can share with each other. Why this can be a weekly activity the both of you could invest in.