8 Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Over-thinker

8 things you don't realize you're doing because you're an over-thinker

Being a thinker is a blessing as it helps you in solving problems. However, if you can’t control your train of thoughts, it can affect your well being. It’s even worse when you’re thinking without even realizing it. So, are you an over-thinker? To find out more, below are 8 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re an over-thinker.

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Everything has a meaning

When your crush decides to reply 6 hours late, you will start wondering why. Someone makes eye contact with you when you’re walking down the street, you will take 5 minutes to analyze it. You scold someone at work, but couldn’t help to think if it was the best way to do it. If you find yourself questioning everything, then you’re an over-thinker. You’re guilty of believing that everything that has ever occurred must have a reason to it and won’t settle for not.

Can’t stop thinking

Life is a series of choices. Every single day, we make choices. Do you find making a decision challenging? Hard to stop your thoughts in choosing the best action to take?  If both answers are yes, you probably suffer from analysis paralysis. Your thought is running in a circle, going nowhere, but time is far ahead leaving you behind.

Solving a problem excites you

You’ve been working on a math problem for days, then suddenly you come out with a simple solution or you had a feeling about someone liking you and unexpectedly confirm your assumption. These moments are the one an over-thinker enjoys. It’s the ending for your overloaded thoughts that excites an over-thinker

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Letting go is hard

Your motto in life is that everything has a solution. Even if it means for a stranger to smile at you, you would not think it’s just an act of kindness. You will start to find out reasons behind it. There is no such thing as letting things be for what they are.

Craving for new information

Every time you get a hold of new information about something, you decide then and there to dig more into it. Over-thinker is an enthusiastic reader and your eyes spark when you learn something new. You’re feeding your overworked mind with new information and are always curious and eager to learn.

Deep conversations

How’s the weather? What did you had for lunch? These kinds of questions would not interest an over-thinker. Instead of small talks, you want to have a chat about something more interesting and deeper that’ll satisfy your mind.

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Scan and analyze

Human beings are unique and different from one another. An over-thinker will wonder what someone’s life is like and why they acted the way they do. You find that people are the one making life interesting. Being in public places can be your laboratory to analyze people’s behavior.  It’s fascinating but can be overwhelming as well.

Enjoy calming activities

Overthinking is a mental workout and it can be tiring at times. To unwind, you enjoy doing activities that calm your mind like writing, exercising, long walks and meditation. These calming activities allow some peace to your overactive mind. It’s hard to relax for an overthinker. Hence, those activities will help you to focus on really doing, not just thinking.