8 Unrealistic Expectations That Can Make You Unhappy

8 unrealistic expectations that can make you unhappy

It’s completely normal to have certain standards but having high or unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment. Here are 8 unrealistic expectations that can make you unhappy:


You expect too much from yourself

You think you should be successful by now. You feel left behind because your friends are earning more or have higher positions. You feel frustrated and hopeless because you’re not where you think you should be in life.

You think everyone should like you

You feel hurt when people don’t like you because you think you’re a fairly decent person and therefore should be likeable. It’s impossible to please everyone. Sometimes you need to earn their trust and respect.

You think life should be fair

You believe that the world owes you something and you expect people to rescue you during tough times. You don’t make any initiatives to improve yourself or the situation you’re in because you know someone will always be there to help you.


You think you will fail

You run way from opportunities because you think you’re not good enough, young enough, or experienced enough. You might not even bother looking for a job because you truly believe that no one would hire you.

You think opportunities will fall into your lap

You don’t think you should have to make any effort to make it in life. Instead of doing something productive, you wait for opportunities to come your way. You would rather suffer than make something of yourself or your life.

You think people should agree with you

No matter how unrealistic your views are, you think people should understand your way of thinking. You get offended when people don’t agree with you or your ideas. You don’t bother trying to understand people’s perspective and think you’re always right.


You think you can change people

You want to fix people or believe that they can change. You may even unconsciously attract people with problems thinking you can fix them. Unfortunately, you can’t expect people to change if they don’t want to and you will end up feeling disappointed when they don’t.

You believe that you should be treated well by others

Even if you don’t care about other people’s feelings or needs, you still expect everyone to treat you well. You get offended when people criticise your behaviour and sometimes lash out when you feel like you’re not being treated fairly.