8 Warning Signs You Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

Warning Signs You Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

Stress can be good. It can push you to work harder and meet deadlines but there’s also a lot of negativity that can come from it. Pay attention and start looking for these warning signs before you get too overwhelmed with stress! Here are 8 warning signs you have too much stress in your life.

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Warning Signs You Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

1.) Trouble falling asleep

Instead of falling into sweet slumber when night falls, you find yourself tossing and turning in bed. You spend this time thinking about work scenarios in your head, worrying about the next big project, worked up over financial issues and just having your brain on overdrive.

It’s possibly a stress-related fatigue and you should find ways to overcome this before it starts affecting your ability to function properly during the day.

2.) Irregular appetite

If you notice that your appetite is starting to shrink or it just fluctuates at times, something could be up. Perhaps you’ve been so overworked, you don’t have time for lunch. Or you suddenly find yourself binging on snacks after snacks.

Either way, your body is running low on fuel – the right fuel. Look at what’s happening in your life and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle before it leads to other illnesses.

Warning Signs You Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

3.) Always falling sick

If you’re contracting a cold, sore throat or fever almost every other week, it’s not just the weather to be blamed. Under pressure, our body releases cortisol to help protect our overall health and well-being.

If we’re continually stressed out, these hormones are depleted and we become prone to all sorts of illnesses. It’s wise to start taking care of your body before it’s too late.

4.) Having trouble concentrating

If you’ve been reading the same paragraph for ten times now and nothing makes sense, it’s a sign you’re under too much stress. Your brain starts to feel fogged up and you find yourself taking longer to finish off some tasks.

Just like our body needs rest, our brain needs some time to unwind. Squeeze in some time to read a book, watch some silly cartoons or take naps to help.

Warning Signs You Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

5.) Grumpy mood

You start to find everything irritating – from colleagues talking to you to your children running around at home. Every little thing gets intensified and you just feel restless and annoyed.

All the stress could lead to a very irritable mood and you’ll eventually push people away. Take some time off to unwind and monitor your mood.

6.) Sore back or neck

Although working in front of the computer all day could lead to a stiff neck, being over stressed also causes this. If you find yourself with knots in your shoulders, cramped feeling in your body and eventually tension headaches, it could be the stress.

Your body is already sending out warning signs, it’s time to visit your masseuse or do some light stretches to loosen the tension.

Warning Signs You Have Too Much Stress In Your Life

7.) Always procrastinating

Procrastination is something familiar to all of us, at every stage of life. However, overworked procrastination is where you sit around, worrying about all your task at hand. You spend more time worrying and trying to plan things in your head that by the time that’s done, you would have wasted precious hours.

It’s bad for your mind and for your work. Do things one at a time, that way you can avoid procrastination.

8.) Lack of social activities

You start to spend your day staying indoors or cancelling on plans because you find yourself so worked up over everything. Your social activities start to dwindle and this also causes you to retreat into a shell.

However, that’s the total opposite of what you should be doing. Let loose with your friends, confide in your family and have fun!

Warning Signs Of Stress In Your Life