8 Ways To Deal With Regret

8 ways to deal with regret

Sometimes we throw logic out the window and end up doing things we regret. We let out emotions get the best of us. We do things that we know we shouldn’t. We make mistakes.

That doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be happy. We are only human and we can’t let it swallow us up. Life is too precious even if we can’t see it yet. Here are 8 ways to deal with regret:


1) Acknowledge your weaknesses

Are you too emotional, selfish, or insecure? Sometimes what seems harmless to you might be too much for some people. Look within yourself and work on your weaknesses.

2) Look for the lessons

Identify where you went wrong and try not to repeat the same mistakes. Instead of beating yourself up, use your weaknesses as a lesson and an opportunity to grow.

3) Accept responsibility for your actions

Knowing where you went wrong is not enough. You need to take responsibility for your actions and admit that you made mistakes.


4) Forgive yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and stop blaming yourself for what happened. You are only human after all.

5) Understand that it’s a part of life

Nothing in life is permanent. Bad things happen to everyone and that’s just how life works. You win some, you lose some. Just try to appreciate all the good things that you do have.

6) Make amends wherever possible

Identify the things that are within your control. What positive actions can you take? Is it admitting your flaws and apologising to someone you hurt? Or doing something nice for them?


7) Don’t dwell on things you can’t change

Stop focusing on situations you can’t change or control. Just accept that sometimes when you go too far, there’s no turning back.

8) Decide to move on

Don’t let the ‘what-ifs’ and ‘if-onlys’ drown you. You have to decide. Do you want to continue suffering or do you want to be free and create new moments?