9 Secret Steps To Reach Your Goals And Live Your Dream Life

9 secret steps to reach your goals and live your dream life

Everyone has big goals to pursue in life. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t quite sure how to achieve them. It will not be as easy as ABC, and you have to face tons of obstacles ahead of you. But if this is something that you truly want in life, you need to start taking some actions and overcome any feelings of self-doubt. To inspire you to keep on moving, here are 9 secret steps to reach your goals and live your dream life.


Be specific

Having big goals are good. But you have to make sure to be more specific about it. Let say your goal is to open up a cafe. You have to start thinking about the type of cafe that you want, the food that you want to serve and even the location of it. When you have all those tiny but important details, you can start turning it into actions and finish it step by step.

Jot down your plan

By writing down your plan, it will be much more organize and clearer rather than just keeping it in your head. This way you are getting updated with the process of achieving your goals.

List of steps

Make a list of steps you need to take and make sure it’s achievable within a few days, not hundreds of days. It might look a lot, and that’s okay. Once everything is listed, you can start taking immediate action on it.


Move, don’t just sit

Knowing what to do next is important. But it’s even crucial to get up and do it. Don’t be so hype about listing it down, but in the end, didn’t take any action on it. Push yourself to do as many as you can. No excuses.

Plan B

Another thing to remember is to have alternative plans. If something doesn’t work out, don’t spend your time thinking about why it happened. Stop wasting your time and change your steps. Remind yourself that most successful people become successful because of their failures. They learn from it and do better.

Adjust your goals

As you grow through life, your goals might undergo some changes from time to time. Don’t worry as it’s completely normal. Be sure to adjust your end goal into something that you want to achieve.



Self-doubt is bound to happen whether you like it or not. To gain back self-confidence, practice mindfulness and do daily affirmations. Focus and keep on believing your dreams.

Take action

After visualizing and affirming your goals, you must begin and take any action required to change your dreams into reality. Follow your instinct, embrace new ideas and opportunities, and accept help from others.