9 Types of Fake People You Should Keep A Distance From

Fake people come in many different forms. Some use people for their own benefit. Others pretend to feel accepted or lie to feel important. If you want a peaceful and drama-free life, it’s best to ignore their motives and not get too attached with those who are inauthentic. Here are 9 types of fake people you should keep a distance from.

9 Types of Fake People You Should Keep A Distance From

1. The ones who think only people with power are worth respecting

They are very selective when it comes to respect. They try to get close to the ‘big fish’ to pave their way to success and dismiss those they deem unimportant.

They will agree with everything and say the right things just to stay on the good side of people with power.

2. The ones who brag to feel important

They will boast about things that may not necessarily be true and tend to exaggerate a lot. They will go to great lengths to impress others so they can feel good about themselves.

They especially like to show off materialistic things.

3. The ones who would do anything to get people to like them

They go out of their way to please others just to be liked. They need a sense of acceptance, even if it means they have to pretend to flatter or agree with someone.

They often suck up to the bosses or anyone who can benefit them.

9 Types of Fake People You Should Keep A Distance From

4. The ones who constantly seek for attention

They are usually loud because they are desperate for attention. They try to make everything about them and want to be included in every conversation.

They always want to be noticed and think the world revolves around them.

5. The ones who create new personalities to feel accepted

They want to be accepted by society because they are insecure and lack self-esteem. They try be a totally different person just to fit in. They can be sweet one minute and loud the next.

They can pretend to be interested in something they’re not just to be liked.

6. The ones who try too hard to convince people that they’re happy

They tend to portray the illusion that they’re living the perfect life. They make it seem as if they’re always happy even when they have trouble at home.

They would rather keep things hidden in the closet than let others know about the ugly truth that lies beneath.

9 Types of Fake People You Should Keep A Distance From

7. The ones who share interesting stories that are not 100% true

They will make something sound a hundred times better than it actually is. They use social media as a tool to show off their perfect travel experiences and hide any mishaps that they may have encountered during the trip.

8. The ones who thrive on gossips

They are often two-faced. They can be nice to you today and then gossip about you the next day. They just love to gossip because it makes them feel important.

They crave for attention and they think having juicy gossips to tell would make them interesting to others.

9. The ones who bring people down

They will try to find faults in the happiness of others to make themselves feel better. They will point out something negative even when there is none.

Some would do anything to make other people look bad just so they can look good.

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