A Psychologist Unveils 10 Secrets To Be Happier In 30 Seconds Or Less

A psychologist unveils ten secrets to be happier in 30 seconds or less

Life can be restless and difficult, and it’s a real struggle to find happiness most of the time, let alone all the time. Honestly, you can’t strive to feel joyful every time. You have many astonishing emotions within you that make you feel alive, despite some of them are more appealing than others. Whenever you need a little push to motivate yourself, you need not worry further because Meg Selig, a psychologist, unveils ten secrets to be happier in 30 seconds or less.


Long deep breath

Life has no ‘lunch break’ to chill and relax. It will continue moving and would not wait for you. Still, you, as a human being need to have a break from everything that is happening around you. Stop whatever you’re doing and take  long deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and remind yourself that you are alive and every action has a reaction. Then, calmness will invade your soul and it’ll help to focus on your current task.

Find the things to be grateful for

Don’t start your day thinking about the unsolved problems. Whatever you fill your mind with will affect your mood and well-being for the rest of the day. Instead, think of one thing you are grateful for each day. It could be as simple as feeling grateful being alive. Be grateful and change your perspective on life.

Acknowledge the bad things that didn’t happen

Whenever life treats you horribly and everything goes wrong, try to acknowledge all the bad things that didn’t happen today. You didn’t get sick; you didn’t get fired, you weren’t involved in a car accident. By doing this, you will realize there are good things around you that just goes unnoticed.


Loosen your mouth muscles and smile, even if you have thousands of reasons not to. Just by smiling, it can improve your spirits and health. You will also feel more relax and calmer. No one likes the sour face looks. So turn your frown upside down and wear your smile proudly.


Say it out loud

Your feelings are not strangers in your life, hence, don’t be scared of them. To control and gain power over them, you can try naming those feelings. If you’re angry or sad, don’t keep it within yourself. Acknowledge it and say it out loud. Don’t be ashamed of it. Give them the attention and let it go.


If you’re feeling very negative about yourself or your situation, change your body posture and sit up straight. Sitting up in your chair will enhance your breathing pattern and makes you feel greater.

Positive thinking

There will be a time where your surrounding is black and white and very unappealing. To change this scenery, fill your mind with something you love for a moment. Chocolate cake, vacation, your kids. This way your body will release hormones to make yourself feel better and help in carrying you through your day.

Give a pat on your shoulder

The most important thing to practice is to be thankful to yourself. Without you, you wouldn’t be exactly where you are right now. No matter how hard you fall, you’ll always find a way to pick yourself up. So give yourself a pat on your shoulder and be proud of how far you have come in your life.


Look for the bright side

Winning and losing is a part of life. If you crave to be a winner, you have to be a loser as well. However, just because you’ve lose or fail doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Believe that everything happens for a reason and look for those silver linings.

Have pictures of your loved ones

When you’re on your worst moments, take a break to remind yourself why you do this work and live this life. If you’re doing it to help your family, put their pictures around your office to act as a motivator for you to keep going. If you’re doing it so you can travel, hang up your favorite or dream vacation photos. By reminding yourself using something that you love will not only motivate you but also change your mood and attitude positively.