signs you are truly content with life

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you”- Lao Tzu

If someone were to ask you “Are you feeling content?” what will your answer be?

Here is an opinion; it is always easier to identify the negatives compared to the positives. Often times, we self-sabotage our own happiness by nitpicking on the negatives.

Life is see-saw held by the positives and negatives on each end. Sometimes the see-saw is heavier on the positive and sometimes the see-saw is heavier on the positive. Sometimes, it will be of equal weight.

These positives and negatives has an obvious impact on our well-being. But feeling content is knowing that your life is not as bad as it may appear to be. The signs often go unnoticed. So, we are here to help you identify 5 signs you are truly content with life this very moment.


You are in a healthy relationship

And not just with your significant other. You genuinely enjoy spending time with your social circle or family. Arguments between you and your partner doesn’t escalate. You need not be walking on eggshells at any point of time. The relationships in your life are healthy and interactive.

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There is nothing keeping you awake at night

When the mind is troubled, sleep is almost always affected. If you do not find your mind wandering to all the things you wish you did or regret doing, it means that you are not troubled.

It means that you are ready to let bygones be bygones and move on to a better tomorrow. Either that, or you are exhausted. Either way, good quality sleep is always a good indication of healthy overall well being.


You are committed to your goals

You have something you would like to work on, and you are committed to achieving it. Goals gives you the drive for passion and a sense of belonging.

Those who are content enjoy are usually motivated to set goals and achieve them. Some may have even achieved their goals and are on to their next because achieving the goals you have set for yourself has a funny of making us feel reinforced for more.

Little things brings you joy

People who are content find it easier to express positive emotions. You find yourself smiling when reminded of the little things. You laugh to your hearts content. But most of all, you know that behind that smile or laughter is genuine happiness.


You are true to yourself

Self-discrepancy is a common cause for dissatisfaction. It is always the dissonance between your imagined self and actual self that leads to people feeling uncomfortable with the way they are.

You are content if you are comfortable enough in your own skin. Of course you work on bettering themselves. But you know you can only be the best version of yourself if you first accept the way you are.

Now, are you feeling content?