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Aimee Laurence, a manager at Assignment Writing Service and Management Essay Writing Service, writes about healthy living, mental and physical health, and spirituality. Aimee lives in San Diego, CA. She spends a lot of time researching and considering the human condition and how we can self-improve, and sharing her insights with her readers. She also edits as a freelancer on Oxessays.com. You can find her on Twitter - https://twitter.com/LaurenceAimee

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Sleep Is Not For The Weak: A Tragic Case Of Insomnia

"Insomnia is a kind of torture because while the world is fast asleep, you're up all alone. Your mind buzzing with every random thought...
7 Steps To Help You Beat Procrastination

7 Steps To Help You Beat Procrastination

Complacency, laziness, or lack of concern can sometimes be confused with procrastination. On the contrary, procrastination actually happens when we choose to do something...
build self discipline go after dreams

8 Ways To Build Self-Discipline And Go After Your Dreams

We all have dreams, but none of them can come true without self-discipline. As daunting as it may sound, we do need commitment, determination, effort, and most of all self-discipline to make any dream a reality. Here are 8 ways to build self-discipline and go after your dreams.
4 simple but effective hacks for better decision-making

4 Simple But Effective Hacks For Better Decision-Making

Decision-making is an essential component of our everyday lives and could have profound impact whether done right or wrong. Sometimes, the smallest decision can...
Crying Is Not A Sign of Weakness And Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness And Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Crying is a common phenomenon especially in response to emotions. However, people who cry are often dismissed as weak and unable to cope with their emotions. Crying is not a sign of weakness and here are 4 reasons why you should cry.