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Christopher D Childs works as a review writer for ResumeWriterReview. It allows him to improve his critical and creative thinking skills. Moreover, he keeps up with modern tendencies of employee engagement, motivation, and management.

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5 Must Read Books On How To Improve Confidence and Start Taking Action Today

The thing about having self-confidence in yourself is that it is the most attractive quality a person can have. It is your best outfit...
habits from Dalai Lama to be a much better person

Practice These 7 Excellent Habits From Dalai Lama To Be A Much Better Person

Every single human being wants to achieve happiness in life. But it's not as easy as ABC. So what exactly is the secret to happiness? You may find it difficult to answer, but not for Dalai Lama. For a millennium, Buddhist philosophy has been focusing only on how to reduce human suffering and to be in the present moment. Hence, to help you out, you can practice these 7 excellent habits from Dalai Lama to be a much better person.

10 Ways to Fall in Love with Life Again

Sometimes we unconsciously let “being busy” take control of our lives. We often use work, family, and the lack of time as an excuse...
Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Job

8 Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Job

It’s normal not to like your job, but if it’s sucking the life out of you or making you depressed, you need to consider...
how to create vision board

Why vision board works and how to create one that empowers you to start...

Believe in the power of having a vision board. They work and here’s the reason why having one works so well.  “Whatever the mind can conceive...