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Blogger, digital marketer, personal growth & positivity enthusiast. Connect with me here on greatbigminds.com for great tips on effective confidence activities, how to relieve stress and many more growth strategies. I am also listed as one of the Top 10 Inspirational Blogs and Websites 2019 to follow on Feedspot. I write and also am featuerd on publications like TinyBuddha, Lifehack, Addicted2Success and more.

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why writing your intentions is crucial and how you can do it

Why Writing Your Intentions Is Crucial And How You Can Do It

If you have dreams and goals but have trouble writing them down because you have no idea where to begin, do not fret. All...

Finding Passion Or Purpose In Life: Which Is More Important?

The problem arises when people get confused between finding passion or purpose in life. Knowing the difference between the two is extremely important. Your passions will change. Therefore, it is important to find out what you’re extremely passionate about to discover the true purpose of your life.
10 things to remember when you feel stressed

10 Things to Remember When You Feel Stressed

Sometimes we let our negative thoughts control us and we end up feeling stressed day after day. We worry more than we smile. We...

10 Best Friend Quotes To Rejoice Your Magnificent Relationship

Having a best friend who truly cares and loves you is like a four-leaf clover. Hard to find but lucky to have. Calling someone your best friend is a choice you made to look after one another and be close more than ever. You must fill your friendship with connection, love and lots of laughs. Below are 10 best friend quotes to rejoice your magnificent relationship.
7 Reasons Why Travelling Solo Can Help You Grow as A Person

7 Reasons Why Travelling Solo Can Help You Grow as A Person

Some people cannot understand why anyone would want to travel alone. To some, the idea of travelling on your own is downright scary or...