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Martina Sanchez is an entrepreneur and content marketing specialist at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She loves writing for her blog and sharing tips and tricks on how to improve your life by being more confident and productive.

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habits from Dalai Lama to be a much better person

Practice These 7 Excellent Habits From Dalai Lama To Be A Much Better Person

Every single human being wants to achieve happiness in life. But it's not as easy as ABC. So what exactly is the secret to happiness? You may find it difficult to answer, but not for Dalai Lama. For a millennium, Buddhist philosophy has been focusing only on how to reduce human suffering and to be in the present moment. Hence, to help you out, you can practice these 7 excellent habits from Dalai Lama to be a much better person.
7 reasons why you don’t have to feel stuck in life

7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Feel Stuck In Life

You might feel lost, empty, or hopeless right now but everything you’re going through will not last forever. It will only be permanent if you let...
10 effective ways to be fearless

10 Effective Ways To Be Fearless

The world that you call home is full of threats, both real and perceived, hiding and waiting to happen. This reality should not be...
10 astounding life lessons you can grasp from Albert Einstein

10 Astounding Life Lessons You Can Grasp From Albert Einstein

The whole world is familiar with the works of Albert Einstein. He has been awarded as one of the greatest scientists in recorded history....