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Scott Mathews is a full-time content creator at Assignment Holic and a part-time blogger at DoMyWriting reviews and Best Essays. Scott is a digital marketing specialist, but he also writes lots of self-improvement articles for agencies like Paper Writing Pro, EssayHave, and Rushmyessay.co.uk. He is a father of three beautiful toddlers and an amateur long-distance runner.

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how to love yourself enough to forgive and let go

How To Love Yourself Enough To Forgive And Let Go

It’s not easy to get over pain, betrayal, lies, mistreatment, or abuse but at some point, you have to deal with it for your...

Get Back On Your Feet through these 5 Inspiring Must-Watch Movies

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5 Tips To Build Your Influence

5 Tips To Build Your Influence

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199 Humble Quotes To Stay Modest, Humble And Kind

199 Humble Quotes will inspire you to continue being kind, humble and modest. Stay true. Stay grateful and remember the importance on the virtue of humility. Becoming humble yourself makes you a more likeable person and indirectly, builds you a better and more trustworthy connection with the people around you.
productive things to do lunch break

16 Productive Things To Do Over Lunch Break

Taking advantage of your lunch break every day will help you enhance your personal, professional and financial life. Even devoting just 30 minutes of your midday break to achieve a personal objective can make the difference. Keep reading below for a detailed breakdown on 16 productive things to do over your lunch break or when bored.