The #1 Best Review On How To Lose Belly Fat Fast!

Let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room. That’s right, look down, you spotted Dumbo. The spare tire. The personal floating device. Those love handles. The beer recycling plant. YOUR BELLY FAT. What is it? Why is it such a nuisance? And, more importantly, what is the best diet to lose belly fat? 

We are going to investigate this international problem and apply the scientific method to it. More to the point we are going to figure out how to get rid of stubborn belly fat. No weird New Age Ju-Ju. No Age Of Aquarius magic. No bizarre unproven diets.

A tried and true method aimed at the heart of that pudgy beast like an avenging torpedo. You were looking for a way to lower belly fat, then you came to the right place.

What Causes Belly Fat

Three natural facts take a gut punch to our overall well-being. Two unavoidable, one that’s preventable. We can’t fight against Genes and Age, but we can put a stop to a bad diet in its track.

It is paramount in our one-man war against adipose tissue to understand which foods reduce belly fat. Which malcontents should be taken to the gallows and hung from the rafters… And, as you are about to learn, some “so-call” miracle foods or motherly malicious veggies have a great deal in common with Benedict Arnold.

Some green “friends” in our fight are nothing more than lying traitors. Not all veggies and legumbres are naturally created with our bellies in mind. Some are right bastards and others have so many weird hormones (phytohormones) stabbed into them that they might as well be radioactive.

lose belly fat diet menu

Major classes of phytohormones involved in abiotic stress response and tolerance in plants.

What’s The Big Deal About Belly Fat? 

“Beer Gut,” that’s the placeholder name we’ve managed to cook up for one of the most serious health risks affecting Americans.  A whimsical nickname, incredibly misleading, to a critical and oftentimes deadly epidemic. It’s the equivalent of calling the Black Plague during the Dark Ages, “A Small Cold”.

It’s not just about looking good, youthful and getting back to those glory days, it’s about treating your body like the temple it is. Belly fat, or how the medical community calls it “visceral fat” has rapidly become a hot-button issue for many health organizations.

A disease with staggering and fatal implications, that’s perhaps one of the easiest to fix.

Obesity, as of 2017, affects more than 1.9 billion adults worldwide. To that rather staggering number, you have to add 650 million kids. Most of the world’s population inhabit in countries where overweight is the number one cause of death.

In essence, health problems associated with obesity have become this century’s unstoppable and cataclysmic tidal wave and doctors can’t seem to find a way to stop it.

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Belly Fat is More Dangerous than Other Fat 

Losing belly fat isn’t just about looking better and giving your life a self-esteem boost, it’s about adding a few years to it. How to lose stubborn belly fat, and figuring out which are the best diets to lose belly fat available, is really about charging headlong into the dragon’s maw and shooting the bastard in the heart.

That statement up there is an undeniable supremely taciturn scientific certainty; a fact you simply can’t blot out or turn a blind eye to. Belly fat is the most dangerous fat our body has.

Why is belly fat so dangerous? Why should I make it my life’s mission to lower belly fat? Like real estate, the primal threat of belly fat comes down to one of its pivotal feature: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Belly fat, because it’s not only a stubborn knave but an unbelievable schmuck, likes to take up residency in prime property. It likes to set up shop in grade A real estate, fling open the doors of its hillbilly chateau, and dip the region’s resale value in the blink of an eye.

Visceral fat worms its way into a district of your anatomy that’s brimming with all your best organs. Nestled near your belly, you’ll find the board of directory to that conglomerate you call your body.

Your heart. Your stomach. Your lungs. Your kidneys. Your liver. Your digestive tract. Basically, a who’s who of automatic functions. None of one of them can short-circuit.

Belly fat, like an iceberg, only shows a small percentage of its face on the surface. Underneath, spreading like the tentacles of an octopus, belly fat starts to wrap its menacing layers around your most vital organs.

“Women with midsections that measure more than 28 inches are twice as likely to die from heart diseases than their slim-stomach counterparts. It is the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases in 2012”- Research done by the National Institutes of Health.

A rise on BMI (Body Mass Index) in our beer gut tank is responsible - aside from heart diseases and strokes - for a catalog of noncommunicable maladies and life-threatening illnesses.

Among them: diabetes; musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis – a highly disabling degenerative disease of the joints); some cancers (including endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney, and colon); psychological traumas and disorders.

“Visceral fat doesn’t just wrap itself around organs and makes the abdomen protrude, it produces dreadful molecules that flow into the bloodstream and have distressing interactions with the brain and its functions.”

Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Whitmer from a study of 6,583 volunteers that determined that belly fat can actually increase the chances, by at least 16%, of developing Alzheimer later in life as well as dementia.

If you're curious as to the state of your belly fat and want to know if it increases your risk for heart diseases and other conditions, you can easily measure your waist circumference or calculate your waist to hip ratio.

Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Let’s go all medieval and shift this tale into overdrive. Let’s give some napalm to this narrative, this war on lard, and actually transform our story of the best diet to lose belly fat into a bellicose affair. How to get rid of stubborn belly fat with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack. Foods to reduce belly fat by way of mortar fire.

Meet Private Kyle “Gunny” Cooper, Former Marine, Personal Trainer, Author, Corporate Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur.

foods to reduce belly fat
“Keeping my guys ready for action wasn’t just a job for me,” Kyle says, “It was a personal mission.  You’ve got to be at peak performance in order to survive some of the high risk missions we run. I’ve always felt it was my personal mission to make sure my guys had every chance to both succeed and to survive.”  - Kyle Cooper, talking about his experience as drill sergeant in Afghanistan.

At war hauling ass with a few too many burgers in the midriff is the difference between life and death. Kyle Cooper experienced this odious reality first hand and its harrowing yet sobering lesson changed his life.

The man was knee deep in gore in the plains of Afghanistan. In a mission that was FUBAR from the get-go. Lousy intel, bad ju-ju, simply up the creek without a paddle. Trying to capture no other than Osama Bin Laden himself, Kyle and his group entered a cave system. There was a bomb blast. An IED tore them apart. Kyle managed to survive but a Marine under his care paid the ultimate sacrifice. Kyle ended up blaming himself. The Marine that perished wasn’t in the best of physical circumstances.

“When confronted with people who were bordering on obese, the stuff I’d believed all my life about fitness and dieting just fell flat. I felt like a failure after Sergeant Olsen was killed.”

That same year Kyle made it his mission to find a way of helping out, what he termed, weekend warriors (over 40 re-enlisted soldiers who wanted to serve but were already on the wrong side of the health and age gap). With the help of a Korean medical student named Sam Pak, Kyle managed to create a revolutionary technique for shaving that extra layer of fat off… The Fat Decimators Program.

The Fat Decimator Review

Let’s take a breather here...

On a personal note, I suffer from an all too common malady: Cronic Chris Prattian, also known as Starlord Syndrome. One minute, like Chris Pratt, I’m Men’s Health material, the next it seems like I just ingested a cow. I’m on a constant merry-go-round; yo-yoing between a slim movie action physique and a “Parks and Recreation” derrière.

I’ve been on all sorts of diets, tried all sorts of pills, and CrossFit my you know what off. For a few months, I’m Daniel Craig coming out from the surf, a couple of Margaritas later and I’m a beached whale.

I’m always on the lookout for a system that works. I know full well that it has to be a rounded system. A strategy that incorporates the two fundamentals of how to lose belly fat… exercise and diet.

Before I dive any deeper let me hit the brakes on the narrative as I toss some things unto the barbecue. Critical pieces of info that few people are aware of. Diets, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, natural wigwam, are like penis enlargement pills and homeopathic methods weren’t governed by the FDA.

Only now, in 2018, have they decided to “loosely” investigate and perhaps regulate. Anything not pharmaceutical can claim just about anything. They don’t have to prove their efficacy.

This legal loophole permits the industry to fudge up the numbers and make the facts and figures confirm their wild claims. There are no crack-downs. That’s the main reason why there are so many snake oil salesmen in the field.

This point is pivotal.

Let’s slip back to my tale. I had just come out of reviewing a couple of cruise ships for Royal Caribbean. High time, all the amenities, VIP pass, the whole nine yards.

2 months jumping from one ship to the other. 2 months surrounded by all-you-can-eat buffets and an endless supply of umbrella drinks.

Went to the gym twice a week, tried at least; a treadmill in choppy waters is like surfing without a board. I was desperate. I came off the last boat 25 pounds over my limit. And, because age never takes a holiday, I was having an extremely hard time getting back to my athletic figure.

I went online, and aware of the con-men, I did a careful search of the following term: Best diet to lose belly fat, foods to reduce belly fat, lower belly fat and how to lose stubborn belly fat.

Website after website selling smoke and mirrors… that is until I stumbled on a quote by Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins

There are a lot of really smart health experts out there and there are a lot of really caring and inspirational 'gurus', but very few people strike the balance of both worlds the way Kyle does. He is incredibly knowledgeable, but also gives 110% of himself to helping others transform their lives for the better."

TONY ROBBINS  //  American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach

Got passed the video, the sale’s pitch and realized that they actually had a whole page devoted to scientific data. A glossary to back up their system. Then, like the a#@l retentive fella’ that I am, I went and did a Consumer Report search. Was it a scam? Or was this legit?


3 months later I can honestly tell you that Cooper’s fat burning system doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it just makes it more efficient and transforms every other roller in the field obsolete.

The trick is, taking aside all the hootenanny, all the claptrap, all the buzzwords... sheer willpower. Diets are not simple. God has a wicked sense of humor: he made everything yummy extremely caloric.

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The Neat and Gritty on How To Lose Belly Fat

First of all, it's high time to look in the mirror and realize something: if you’re over 40, you’re no longer a young Turk or a lion in the prime of your life. The fact is you can no longer train like a 20-year-old.

Dr. Pak and Kyle’s system takes into account this inherent landmine. If you exercise like your old self there’s a good chance that you’ll hurt yourself.

The Fat Decimator System is designed for those fellows or gals who listen to 80’s Bruce Springsteen and feel like the boss is taking them on a trip to their Glory Days.

The system in itself is divided into three parts: Diet, Exercise (3 times a week 20-30 minutes) and Mindset.


A simple three-week plan. Nothing fancy. You’re not going to starve. You will not sell your soul for a pizza. You’re supposed to think long-term. Once your initial trial by fire (those 3 weeks are up) you have to keep up a controlled regiment. You simply can’t celebrate the fact that you’ve graduated those 3 weeks by taking a no-holds-bar trip to Vegas.

diet foods to lose stomach fat

Why Three Weeks?

Research has shown that it takes approximately 21 days for a new habit to form. The tripod of this diet, and the reason why it works, is because it’s based on scientific principles: Short-term fasting, smart calorie restriction, and low carbohydrate intake. 

It’s all based on foods to reduce belly fat. The Fats Decimator System is a complex Four-Phase whammy. It’s has a lot of algorithms and medical jargon, sort of like staring at a board while a physicist does a series of nonlinear equations, but Kyle brings it down to Earth; gravity works, you don’t need the math to prove it… but if you did, well there it is. 

An approved list of foods. A rigorous timetable. Short-term fasting. Identifying what are good fats (yes they exist) and what are evil fats. 

And, finally, a clear analysis of your body’s metabolic needs. This last piece is essential, and it speaks volume of the veracity of the system. No two people are alike.  

Genetics, workout, job, lifestyle, global location, these are all factors to consider when coming up with a diet on how to lose stubborn belly fat. All other diets out there pigeonhole everyone (Marathon runner to couch potato); they simply sweep everyone under the same umbrella.  

A good diet energy expenditure

A good diet has shown, time and time again, to be the perfect stake against the Nosferatu we call belly fat.


Workouts, exercise, sweat… words that are anathema to the soul. Unfortunately, if you're looking out for best diet to lose belly fat, they are words you’ll have to live and die by.  

But, and here’s the reason why Kyle’s system is so appealing, exercise in the fat decimators is nothing more than a simple cardio workout with a bit of resistance training. 

how to burn belly fat for men

Robin Williams once said about running:

“You don’t need cocaine! There’s another way to get real high, and really mess your mind up, it’s called marathon running!” 

The comedian was right. There is nothing more grueling, more tortuous than jumping on top of a treadmill and going all hamster in a cage. This fat burning system regime is vital to slimming down your belly, but the real Holy Grail is its diet plan.


Rocky didn’t go into the ring to fight Apollo thinking he would lose. You don’t go to war harboring the suspicion that you’ll come back in a casket. You don’t venture into a fight with your arms down waiting for a beating.

No matter what you do in life, will, attitude and fortitude are the keys to success. You have to believe that you’ll come out the other end of the diet plan looking like Thor without a t-shirt. You have to cowboy up.

Kyle’s Fat Decimator plan teaches us to stop thinking like fatties and start accepting that we are runway models in the making. Half the battle, and the most important part at that, I’ve realized, occurs in your head.

What I Liked and What I Didn’t.  

Well, it wouldn’t be a review without the classic Pros and Cons now would it. =)


  • The fact that you’re getting trained by a man who looks like a breathing G.I.Joe and not some yahoo in a leotard.
  • The guide makes it extremely easy to understand and follow. 
  • Workouts are simple, extremely manageable and, to be frank, you can probably check them off your list just by leaving the car at home and going to the supermarket on foot.
  • It’s rather flexible and adaptable. You don’t have to stick 100% with and it actually allows some wiggle room.
  • There is, and considering all the flimflam hoaxes out there, a scientific basis.
  • It doesn’t kick you to the curb once the job is done. It actually helps you maintain your new body weight after the diet.
  • Gasp… If you miss a day or two, which I did. If you binge, which I did. If you go to a bachelor party, which I did. It actually tells you how to get back on the horse.


  • Vegans and vegetarians beware. This is a protein-rich, carnivorous diet.
  • Fasting only worked for Gandhi… The rest of us are mortals and it’s a pain.
  • This is just me being picky and going all Gordon Ramsay on Kyle, but a couple of more recipes wouldn’t hurt.
  • Only digital and audio; a reference book would be da bomb.



If you hit your 40’s then, by all means, give Fat Decimator a try. You have nothing to lose with its 60-day guarantee. There’s a season for everything and, sadly, our CrossFit days are no longer in the calendar.

Don’t expect to suddenly transform into Tom Cruise, but - and take it from somebody who actually used the system - you will start to see considerable changes in 3 weeks.

Your clothes will start fitting better. Your shirt buttons will no longer look like they are fighting a losing battle. Your belt buckle won't resemble the jaws of life.

In 3 weeks, and I took a couple of days off for the aforementioned bachelor party, I managed to slim down 7 pounds.

The number one reason why I consider this a great, viable, system is because it is REALISTIC. It takes into consideration that you are a social creature. A beast that will inevitably fall off the wagon. A living breathing organism that simply can’t say no to everytime his best buddy says: “Happy Hour in pitchers of Mojito… You in?”

And, when that happens, when the dreaded calorie loaded cocktail - 2 for 1 mind you - torpedoes your diet, Kyle’s Fat Decimator System doesn’t take you behind the sheet. Kyle’s system actually has a fail-safe for when the Margarita, or the burger, or the pizza craving comes a’ knocking on your door. 

This is a realistic program. A great way to  answer the age-old question: “how to lose stubborn belly fat.” A fantastic how-to guide on the best foods to reduce belly fat and how to lower belly fat in the long term. 

It’s not a magic bullet. It’s not a miracle pill. It is a regime, one that at times is rather fickle and prickly… God how I hate fasting! It is a system that, above all, asks its participant to give 110% of themselves; body and mind.  

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Jacob Pearson
Jacob Pearson is a registered dietitian with an expertise in sport nutrition. He has considerable research experience and is passionate about providing evidence-based health, fitness and nutrition articles for the general public. In his free time, Jacob enjoys hiking, travelling  and exploring healthy foods as he does. Jacob loves wholesome food, performing body-weight exercises and can be found hiking his local trails. Outside of work, his wife, Emily and two kids, Jake and Drew, keep him busy with basketball tournaments and baseball coaching.