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14 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care

14 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care

Self-care is not just about pampering yourself with a long body massage or indulging in your favorite dessert. It’s not just something you need...
4 ways on how meditation actually changes the brain

4 Ways On How Meditation Actually Changes The Brain

Most of us believed that meditation is good for the brain. However, not all of us are neuroscientists where we can confirm it. We...
how to be more positive

How To Be More Positive Even When Your Surrounding Is Filled With Negativity

Life is all about ups and downs. We rejoice when good times come but what about the bad times? We tend to suddenly find the worst in everything. Here's how to be more positive even when your surrounding is filled with negativity.
5 common 21st century habits that are ruining your health

5 Common 21st Century Habits That Are Ruining Your Health

There are a lot of perks on living in the 21st century. You have access to the Internet, TV, radio, various vehicles and better...
6 tips to improve your complaining habit

6 Tips To Improve Your Complaining Habit

Complaining can be addictive. And it’s easy to understand why. It’s a habit that comes naturally to us and can be hard to give...