Sunday, January 20, 2019


How Meditation Can Help Improve Your Career

The practice of meditation has existed for centuries, with its origins tracing back to the Hindu traditions of Vedantism in 1500 BCE....

3 Steps To Break Your Bad Habits According To Neuroscience.

Everyone has bad habits. It could be napping, playing too much video games or alcoholism. Whatever it is, you need to find...

11 Things That You Shouldn’t Apologize For

It's good to be honest and admit your mistakes. But if you keep apologizing for every single thing, that is not healthy...

7 Cheat Sheets For Beginners Who Struggle Doing Meditation

Meditation has become a global phenomenon as it helps to improved physical health, increased happiness, mental accuracy, and lower the level of...

How To Practice Mindfulness And Live A Fulfilling Life

Is your mind always full of thoughts? Do you often feel restless or helpless? Before you drive yourself to...

Stop Trying To Figure Out Your Life Purpose And Start Living

If you feel lost and tend to think about a million things at the same time, you will probably never figure out...

5 Common 21st Century Habits That Are Ruining Your Health

There are a lot of perks on living in the 21st century. You have access to the Internet, TV, radio, various vehicles...

6 Things Mentally Strong People Never Do

Often times, our strength is best seen not in what we do, but in what we choose not to do.


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