9 Ways You Can Earn Money While Travelling The World

earn money while travelling the world

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float. To gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.” -Hans Christian Andersen

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Most people have – but, their job is keeping them away from that life.

However, adventure’s call is strong and all of those marvelous destinations are waiting.

But, the trouble is, how can you earn money while travelling the world?

This would make your trip sustainable and even more magical. There are jobs you could do while travelling.

For some of them you’ll need a strong WiFi signal, for some you’ll only need your own talent and skills. But one thing is for sure – opportunities are there.

If you are willing to try, here are some ways you can earn money while travelling the world.

1. Start a blog

While there are many travel blogs online, each one has a unique voice and you can fit right in.

Save up some money, start a blog and go on an adventure.

You can write about it, post pictures or interesting essays about your destinations or even write a book about your experience.

The best way to go is backpacking because that way, you have the most interesting stories to tell.

You could actually blog about anything in the world.

However, blogs tend to take 3 to 6 months before they can really grab the audience and take off so you should probably start right now if you want to be a blogger in 6 months.

Keep in mind that this could also last a bit longer – don’t get disappointed, just keep going. Here is another step-by-step guide on how to start a successful blog.

2. Be a freelancer

Freelancers come from all sorts of industries – you could be a writer, a graphic designer, a developer and so on.

Pick an industry you have experience and knowledge in and start working for a few months before you start travelling.

This way, you’ll have money wherever you are and you’ll be able to see the world. All you need is an internet access and a laptop – you can carry the latter and most hostels offer free Wi-Fi.

There are many industries out there – for instance, you can be a graphic designer and create logos, t-shirts and many other things for clients.

Your destinations could inspire you to be better and create more.

3.Sell photos

Photography is a big deal nowadays – websites need it, companies need it, even regular people want it for their homes.

This is a great opportunity for you if you are good with photography because you can sell these either in bulk or create them based on client requests.

You can have fun, travel, make money and explore your talents all at the same time.

Travel photographers earn a decent income – you could make a deal with an agency or some similar entity and travel for free with them in exchange for photographs for their sites, brochures and so on.

4. Guest blog

If you don’t feel like investing all that time into starting your own blog, you can always guest post on other blogs that pay money for it.

Not all travel bloggers can travel all the time but they still need interesting stories to share – you could be their writer.

Find a good client to work with and start travelling across the globe, writing great stories and taking amazing pictures to share with the world.

You can also build an authority online this way – share useful information, tips and so on.

There are many blogs out there that could give you guest posting opportunities.

If you need some samples before that, you can post on Medium and LinkedIn – another great way to get an audience with minimum effort on the tech aspect.

5. Advertise

Many travel bloggers are big in advertising brands on fascinating locations.

They can even advertise those very locations or establishments that are available through their social media accounts, blogs and so on.

You could do this too, just start gathering followers for a while so you can have some sort of impact on people.

Then you can prospect destinations and their tourism organisations for advertising jobs. Even brands from various industries would most likely accept this.

6. Open an online store

Another fun thing you could do that could make you money is selling things online.

Open an online store on one of the platforms or create your own and resell souvenirs or fun products from across the globe.

This is a surefire way to get money if you already have some savings to invest in buying enough.

It could be a boutique store and it could also go along your travel stories from your blog.

7. Teach English

Asian countries struggle with finding people who can teach English to people of all ages for a moderate price.

If you have some kind of college education, this could be you.

Find a trusted organisation which will connect you with right agencies and you could teach English while travelling some of the most unexplored places on earth.

8. Become a flight attendant

This job is a bit more demanding because there is a test you have to pass but if you can do it, this job could take you to so many interesting places, especially if you are interested in luxury travel and famous destinations.

You could celebrate New Year’s in Paris or Easter in New York – it’s a demanding but fun job.

9. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube channel is also a bit demanding since you have to produce high quality videos but if you have resources for that, you could make a lot of money just by travelling and filming various places as well as producing informative and interesting videos that could prove useful to the viewers.

You get paid by the view or you can start a Patreon page and get donations for your traveling.

Travelling and earning money isn’t impossible. You just have to have the passion and be willing to work hard for it.

Hopefully, some of these jobs gave you an idea you can implement.