Express Your Anger Healthily Through These 4 Methods

express your anger healthier through these 4 methods below

People often dismiss anger as a negative emotion, but that is not always the case. Anger can destroy, but it can also create. Anger, like every other emotions serves a purpose that you need address. Nonetheless, hat very anger can be either positive or negative, depending on the way you express it. Healthy and anger, as incomprehensible as it may seem can go together. It is when you recognize that the feeling you are experiencing needs to be further implored without being overwhelmed by it or reacting drastically. It involves devising strategies of expression that is non-harmful to you or the people around you. You can express your anger healthier through these 4 methods below;


Don’t respond if you don’t want to

It is best to not respond if you think you are not ready to. Chances are you do not want to response in fear of saying or doing something beyond your control. Besides, things said or done out of anger is often irreversible, especially if you are a laser-mouthed lass or a punching Phil. If you are being pushed to a corner to respond, find it within yourself to calmly explain to the other party that you are not in the right frame of mind to respond.

Practice calming techniques

In the heat of the moment, the wrath could impair judgements. Therefore, it is worth to give calming techniques a shot. Some find that focusing on you breathing helps compose themselves while some others find that counting downwards/backwards from 10 (or 100) helps too. Some prefer to pen their feeling on paper, as form of expression. There are many different calming techniques for anger, you can just Google them.


Observe your feeling and try to identify the source

Observe the thoughts and emotions involved in your anger and try to figure out the real source of your anger. There may be a deep-rooted source, beyond obvious reasons. Take some time to think of these things. Once you do so, think of what would be beneficial as next course of action.

Grow with your anger

Anger can be a positive emotion if you would like it to be. Transform that anger into proving your worth if you are angry that people seem to be taking you for granted. Let that anger be a reminder of the things you would like to achieve.

Nina Bawden once said “I am not a victim. I am an angry survivor”. Well, aren’t we all?