Find Your Life Purpose With These 7 Bizarre Questions

find your life purpose with these 7 bizarre questions

Everyone has a purpose in this life. You exist to achieve your objectives and goals. But what exactly is your purpose in life? What are you trying to achieve in this fast-paced world? You are constantly told to get good grades, enroll in a good university and to succeed. It’s that the only thing you need to accomplish? Or is there much more? To assist yourselves in getting a clearer picture, you can find your life purpose with these 7 bizarre questions.


What matters to you?

The first question to answer is what matters to you. What are the things that are very valuable and priceless in your life? It’s irrelevant to skip this part and jump ahead to figure out your life purpose without understanding your values. You have heard others talking about the things that are important in their life. Along the way, you might feel lost and hopeless for not having the same ambition. So stop observing and start evaluating your own life and discover your values.

If today is your last day on Earth, what would you do?

Asking risky question is like putting a gun at your own head. When your life is at risk, you will start to reconsider your time management, and acknowledge how much time you have wasted. This question will motivate you to use your time wisely and fill it with meaningful activities.

What’s the content of your eulogy?

Every single day you are busy crafting your own eulogy. Are you proud and satisfied with the content you have written? Or are you disappointed and ashamed of it? Do you want to be remembered that way? If not, work on choosing the best story for your life. Decide on how you want to be remembered and work on it.


If working doesn’t exist, what would you do with your time?

If work doesn’t exist and you aren’t allowed to stay at home, how are you going to spend your time? The rules are you can’t hang out at a coffee shop or watch movies all day. You have no laptop or smartphone and you don’t have that much of money to distract you. The only time you are home is to sleep. So, how would you occupy your time? Are you going to fill your time with activities that you love? Think and figure out your genuine passion.

How did you spend your time when you were a kid?

When you were kids, you didn’t think about having a job, buying a car or a house. You simply spend your time with fun activities that kept you busy for hours. Despite the long hours, you were still happy and had fun. So, what is it then that you enjoy doing and being stress-free about?

What are the things that make the world around you disappear?

Have you ever spend long hours of doing or playing something without realizing the world has left you behind. If yes, what kind of activity did you do that makes you forget about the world around you? Does the activity satisfy you in any way? What kind of power does it hold to make you feel that way?


Are you willing to go through any kind of obstacles to reach your goal?

Nothing is perfect and easy in this world. There is no such thing as getting the best career with an understanding boss, high salary, awesome co-workers and great projects that’ll allow your talents to shine. Everything is imperfect and you must be prepared to go through some discomfort if you want to stick with your job.

Having a high income and fancy cars are the perks of becoming a doctor. However, it comes with a price: long years of study, crazy working hours and a big responsibility. Hence, nothing is easy. If you truly want to reach your goal, are you willing to endure hardships along the way?