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    I’ve always enjoyed reading and learning from Great Big Minds. Thank you for setting up this community as I truly believe it’ll help many others.
    I’m currently in a financial crises but am keeping myself positive despite so. I hope to hear from others who have experiences and how they are dealing with it. What methods have you used to cope with it mentally and emotionally?


    Coincidence or not, I have been in similar situation as you are now, Callie. Thanks for bringing this topic up and hopefully what I am about to share can help many others out of this.

    Two years ago, I was in a terrible state in life. I was out of business, penniless and constantly being followed by debtors trying to regain the most out of their losses.
    I truly thought that’s how my life would end up being and that I would be on the street. Thankfully, even though I was in a horrible condition, I still have friends who stood by my side.

    We talked about it one night, one of them suggested that I focus on only things I want in life. It was the law of attraction and I understood what I focus on matters.

    From that moment on, I started counting on things I can be grateful for instead of what I was lacking. I was living in the moment and appreciating life. It was no longer about my financial struggles but on abundance and positive things.

    I modified my habits, sorted things out with my debtors and started out again with what little I have left. I try a little harder each day to be a little better. The months add up and I am happy to say life has improved tremendously.

    Simply put, what we think about ourselves makes a difference. When you really desire something, all the universe conspires to help you realize your dreams.
    “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” – JK Rowling

    Jay Liew

    Thank you Callie and Anthony for sharing your thoughts. I for one has been through a time of financial struggles but I chose to not dwell in it and instead, make the most of present moments. I started doing things I find joy in and that is to inspire and uplift others. That was part and parcel of how then GBM was started!

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