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Is sex really important in a relationship?

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    Being in a conservative and strict family, I was never allowed to have boyfriends during my years of studies. I have always wondered what it was like to be in a relationship but was too scared of my overly protective parents so I did all I could to prevent myself from getting into one.
    After graduating college, I met a guy at work. We talked and hanged out alot and i felt comfortable being around him. I didn’t share with anyone about him because I wasn’t sure if we were anything special or we’re just friends. We talked about alot of things and one of it is sex in a relationship.
    I told him that I haven’t had any experience when it comes to relationship and more about sex because of how I was being brought up. He assured that it’s okay and that he’s just being curious about my past.
    Not realizing anything amiss, I let it off. One day, texted me and said he really likes me and that if I was willing to be his girlfriend and he asked if I was comfortable in giving sex a try with him.
    I was happy because it’s the first time I was being asked and seeing that I am now no longer studying, I believe I could give relationship a try. But I’m confused. Is really having sex important in a relationship? What is it that keeps it going?

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