5 Tips To Build Good Integrity In The Workplace

5 tips to build good integrity in the workplace

Having integrity is important in any profession. It is a state of mind that builds the trust of those around you and hence makes you like-able as a leader. In the office, building your integrity is crucial if you wish to work well with your superiors. It will most definitely put you in the good books of your employer. Here are 5 tips to build good integrity in the workplace:


Always keep your promises

Good employees keep their promises. Even if you’ve made a promise that you later realise is a bad idea, you should aim to go through with it instead of letting someone down. Not following through with something you said you’d do makes you lose the trust of your co-workers or superiors. No one likes the boy who cried wolf. Therefore, aim to make sensible promises and always fulfil them at a timely manner.

Learn how to say “no”

It is impossible for anyone to say yes to everything and successfully follow through on it all. The fact of the matter is that you need a thick skin to make it through life successfully. If you’re afraid of being honest with people or letting them down, you’re going to end up putting more on your plate than you can handle. Avoid being the office’s pushover. Focus more on the truth even if it’s not what people want to hear.


Communicate professionally

Good communication skills make you appear professional. Sending emails with silly grammar mistakes or spelling errors is not the sign of a hard worker. Similarly, stuttering when speaking also screams anxiety and nervousness. To avoid this, always proofread your emails and practice what you want to say. It will also help build your character and prove that you put effort into your work.

Keep your desk organised

It is to hard put your faith in someone who doesn’t look like they have faith in themselves. If someone can’t handle maintaining a simple office desk, how are they going to handle actual responsibilities? No one associates a good worker with a messy desk. Take some time at the end of every workday to ensure your space is clear of clutter and that everything is in its place. Anything capable of distracting your focus should also be put away.  


Don’t associate with those who lack integrity

It’s important to note that lots of people pay attention to who you choose to work with. You may succeed in your own tasks but spending time with one who lacks the integrity you have will ultimately damage your own. While this might seem unfair, you can’t stop people from making their own judgements. Perhaps you could try to change that coworker of yours who many find to lack integrity. When people start to notice a change in them and realise it could have been your doing, it might ultimately help boost your own integrity.