How To Find Meaning In Your Work

how to find meaning in your work

Many people seem to have given up on finding meaning and fulfillment in their careers. Instead, we hope to find meaning in our lives from our pursuits outside of work. However, with most office jobs, coming home from work often does not leave us with enough energy to pursue anything more.

As tough as it may sound, it is possible to find some meaning in your work as painstaking as your role in the corporate world may be. There are no quick and easy fixes of course, but there are little steps you can take to at least try to be more satisfied with your job.

Here’s how to find meaning in your work:


1. Keep trying to build knowledge about what you do

To be the best in your field, it’s vital that you make a constant effort to take on new roles that will teach you to master new skills. If your company doesn’t provide you an outlet to do this, take it upon yourself to do all you can for the benefit of your career growth and development. Learning is a lifelong commitment and will give you more satisfaction than your paycheck will. Perhaps you could take a class outside of work. Or look into online seminars. Do whatever you can to make you feel intellectually fulfilled.

2. Look away from the big picture and find meanings in little moments

When thinking of your job as a whole, it can be hard to find a big passionate sense of fulfilment in what you do. This is the harsh truth most adults in corporate jobs come to face. Instead of focusing on the big picture, zoom in for a bit and focus on the little parts of your day that make your job feel worth it. Maybe you helped your colleague out with a difficult task. Or learned something new while working on a project. Little moments in your day can help you find the purpose and sense of gratitude you’re looking for.


3. Build strong relationships with your colleagues

Work is a lot more enjoyable when you get to be around people you like. When you first join a company, make an effort to get acquainted with the people around you and try to get involved with the office culture. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, of course. But make it a priority to get along with the people you work with. If you’re surrounded by people who can make you feel good, you’re more likely to feel good yourself.

4. Rediscover why you’re working where you are

To find meaning in what you do, try to remember what got you to where you are. Try to rediscover why you’re at your current place in life. There’s got to be some reason besides the paycheck.

Focus on finding out what’s important to you. Ask yourself questions like “Do you support your company’s goals”. Do you want to succeed in this field? Do you like the challenge you feel from work? Does your current job fulfil your needs? Answering these questions will help you analyse where you are in your career and give you the necessary input to figure out what you should do next.