How To Practice Mindfulness And Live A Fulfilling Life


Is your mind always full of thoughts? Do you often feel restless or helpless? Before you drive yourself to the brink of madness or get in a depressed state, try learning the art of being in the moment.

It can reduce anxiety, improve your concentration, enhance creativity, and even help you deal with stress. Here’s how to practice mindfulness and live a fulfilling life:


1) Focus on the present moment without judgement

Don’t dwell on your past mistakes and worry too much about the future. Stop being obsessed about a problem or a solution. You need to learn to fully accept yourself in the moment. It’s not about avoiding a situation. It’s more about being present without being too attached to the outcome. There is no right or wrong either, so try not to judge yourself.

2) See opportunities in obstacles

Stress is not always a bad thing. Challenges can help you grow and what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger. Instead of asking ‘Why did this happen to me,’ replace it with ‘What is this trying to tell me.’ Problems are a part of life and there’s always something you can learn or fix. If it’s beyond your control, simply let it go and move on.


3) Slow down when you need to

It’s okay to do nothing and just be, especially when you need to heal from a bad experience. It’s okay to take a break from your busy schedule and do the things that you love. Everyone needs some downtime to recharge and you don’t have to feel guilty for being ‘selfish’ once in a while. Self-love is necessary.

4) Appreciate what’s in front of you

Try to be more aware of your surroundings. Appreciate the little things. Something as simple as watching the sun go down can improve your mood and make you feel optimistic. Put down your phone when you’re with your family and friends. Make each moment count and be grateful for what you already have.


5) Be present in your daily life

Do something productive every day and avoid distractions when you have to. Focus on the tasks that can bring you closer to your goals. You don’t need to do something profound every single day. Completing your house chores can give you a sense of accomplishment too. The key is to bring mindfulness to everything you do, even if your task is just to mop the floor.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha