How Using The Right Words Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Life

how using the right words can have a positive impact on your life

We write and utter words every day. We often use them to convey or describe how we see people, ourselves, and our lives. However, what we say can make a lot of difference and it is therefore important to filter what we choose to talk about. Here’s how using the right words can have a positive impact on your life:


1) You will be happier when you choose your words wisely

How many times do you complain in a day? Do you whine more than you express gratitude? It’s normal to whine about work, relationships, and life in general but you should avoid making it a habit. The lesser you complain, the happier you will be.

When you complain about your life over and over again, your words become the truth not only in your own mind but also to everyone you’re saying them to. Before you feel like complaining, just ask yourself if you really want people to think that your life is dull, pathetic, or empty. Do you want others to see you as a miserable person?

Complaints aside, you should also be very careful with negative words that can influence the way you see yourself and change the course of your life. Avoid saying ‘can’t,’ ‘won’t,’ and ‘never’ because they will immediately destroy your ability to achieve something. Instead, choose positive words that will help empower you. The right words and mindset will eventually bring you closer to your goals or what you want in life.

2) Positive affirmations can define your reality

You are able to affirm who you are, your dreams, and your successes just by choosing the best words to express who you are. Always remind yourself that you are strong, confident, happy, and capable of achieving anything that you set your mind to.

Stop calling yourself fat, unattractive, lazy, or unsuccessful. Start creating the new truth for yourself and believe it with all your heart. Practice positive affirmation every day until you no longer see yourself as a failure and actually feel like a whole new person with a positive outlook on life.


3) Asking yourself the right questions will change the way you think

The next time you have the urge to complain, ask yourself why you feel like saying what you are about to say. How is it going to serve your happiness? Complaining about your work or love life will not make you happy or change your situation. It will just intensify your fears and make you feel worse at the end of the day.

Instead of complaining all the time, try looking for solutions. Unless it can be fixed, learn to move on. If you cannot stand your job, start sending out your resume. If your current relationship makes you feel miserable most of the time, walk away. Ask for help if you think you need it. Complaints do not serve a purpose, so choose your words wisely, take action, and think positive.