How, why and what to becoming an early riser

How, why and what to becoming an early riser

The world is filled with tasks and routines. It keeps us busy to the brim; we’ll essentially lose the little fundamental values to life.

We get so engrossed with building our tomorrows; we lost what it could be today. Surely, that having a future goal is important to steer you right but let us not fully encapsulate the idea of a perfect living with getting a good job or buying that new car.  It was perhaps never all about the bigger picture or the materialistic possession from your pursuit.

In this article, I want to challenge you to rethink another perspective at life; to get back to the basics and approach the fundamentals, to taking that conscious effort to start being more mindful about things you thought was little, but with huge impact in life.

A simple approach to waking up early and getting your morning routine right on point.

As you’ll gradually reap the benefits of waking up early, I promise you that your life will change exponentially for the better; mentally, physically and perhaps spiritually.

become an early riser

Why Is Waking Up Early Benefiting For Us?

Many authors and successful individuals imply the habits of waking up early as one of the best habit one can start developing. As I continue to come across many more testimonies about the benefits of waking up early, I figured that it contributes very much to cultivating a more efficient and effective lifestyle.

If you are passionate about achieving excellence in life and yearn to improve the quality of it, here are the lists of benefits to why you want to start waking up early.

1. Getting an awesome head start

The sheer idea of getting up at 5 am means you’re already 99.9% much earlier than the rest of the others that are still in bed. As you start your day early, you’ll generally have more time to do more things; hence it’s very contrary to the notion of why many people think they needed more time in life but never quite learn how to find it.

When you start your day early, you are largely in a calmer state which thus, psychologically creates a feel-good positive self-factor. How many of us are often up late and are constantly in a state of urgency because we are late for work, late for an appointment, late for sending the kids off for school? This state of urgency leaves us to clutter and prioritize over what needs to be urgently done instead of doing what really could be far more important like having a good breakfast but wouldn’t do because you are already late.

2. Motivated and increased productivity

When you are up early and having a good start, half of your day’s battle is already won. Usually, I’ll start my day early with exercising and followed up with a good breakfast. Not only does exercising in the morning ensures that I maintain a healthier lifestyle, it drives and gives me the pump to continue leading my day. Because I get to do these tasks that many of us would have forgo because of time limitation, I get to do so many more that adds up to my benefit as compared to just rushing because I need to be somewhere.

3. Self-mastery

In life, there is no single doubt that we are placed in a conscious state whereby with every effort and intention you make, you get to live every moment of your life on your own terms. However, yet again even with knowing, many of us lack the discipline to persist. As you gradually make that conscious effort to wake up early every day, not only are you developing an admirable habit, you are taking that effort as well to finally learn to take control of your life. Because deciding and really doing it is part of taking up your life’s responsibility and no one is capable of doing it for you besides yourself.

4. Seeing the world in another perspective

We are so used with the noises around us that we forgot how it felt like being in a state of stillness.  Being in a state of tranquility gives you space and time to learn about and see within yourself. The world that is outside of us is real but what is even truer is the world within us that is far bigger and greater. When you allow alone time for yourself, be amazed at what you’ll find within you.

Are there any other more benefits of waking up early you’ll like to share? Please do so in the comment below. I’ll love to hear from you.


How Can I Become An Early Riser?

Now that you’ve finally realized the benefits of waking up early, let us not be too drastic in making a change.

Just remember when you start anything; your intention is to cultivate it through a gradual process which in the end becomes habitual. That gives you every bit of a motivation to continue pursuing. Whereby instead, if you were to do any major changes in a more radical manner, you’ll only exhaust yourself because you haven’t quite adapt and that will surely jeopardize all your previous efforts.

1. Start small

As mentioned above, start small. Begin by waking up 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Do this for a few days and as you’ll get used to it, cut back another 15 minutes until you reach your desired wake up time.

2. Reasons above willpower

If you waking up early are backed up by strong reasons, it takes away the need of requiring much willpower to do so. Have an important reason or a something you’ll look forward to.

3. Plan your time

While some of us are fine with just 5 hours of sleep, I’ll suggest that we get an ideal sleeping time period of about 6 to 8 hours. Even if this means cutting back on watching tv or surfing on your mobile, sleeping earlier and making sure you get an ample amount of sleep time helps in the long run.  If you find that you have been so used to sleeping late, read a book instead before bed. A proper physical book and not from your mobile. Ensure best that you go to bed at the same time every night because it takes time for your body to get used to it.

4. Put away your alarm clock

By that, I mean put it far away where it’ll literally requires you to get out of bed just to turn it off. Studies have shown that within-reach alarm clocks tend to be snoozed or that you’ll convince yourself for just another 5 more minutes of sleep which ends up us not really getting out of bed.

5. Get off the bed as soon as you’re awake

The longer we stay in bed despite us waking up, the easier it will be for us to go back to sleep. Don’t allow yourself that opportunity or your head to rationalize the idea of getting up early. Often times, it leads to procrastination. The thing I do is that as soon as I get up, I head to the wash room. More often time than not, I’ll be quite awake very quickly by then.

6. Look forward to a reward

I am a coffee person and I look forward to my morning coffee every day. It’s quite an addiction but it makes waking up early much more pleasurable. Set a reward for yourself. You could look forward to a hearty breakfast or the sheer delight of not having to be stuck in the morning traffic.


Take Advantage Of That Extra Hours: What Can You Do?

When you have that extra time in hand, don’t waste surfing on social medias or watching tv; unless it contributes to your goal. Think of having that extra time as a great jump start that will perhaps ease out some time off the day or adds to your personal improvement.

As for me, I’ll like to either head out exercising or at times when the weather does not permit, I’ll use that extra hour to read; mostly on inspiring and uplifting content. This extra time allows me to connect and engage with myself; something that I’ll find difficult to do once I get busy outside.

Here are some suggestions on how you can reap from those extra hours and at the same time developing a long-term sustainability for betterment.

1. Listen or read inspirational content

If you’ll want to learn, you’ve got to get educated and what better way than to read. Every successful people that I know reads. They are constantly learning because they understand the greatest investment does not come with a price but of knowledge within you. Not only in terms of language you’ll improve but also at how you’ll be able to see the world through different perspectives, make better decisions in life and expand your understanding in various aspects.

2. Meditation

When you practice the act of meditating, you connect with yourself and orientate towards a positive mentality. The act of meditating puts us in a state of intense gratitude, facilitating us in accepting a more abundance mindset. If you start your day, putting yourself in a state of gratitude and abundance, the world becomes your oyster. You will have the absolute clarity to attract and pursue all your dreams.

3. Get your body moving

We all heard about the health benefits when it comes exercising but only one-third of adults really do engage in any regular physical activities. While it contributes to us having a better physique, it also helps in reducing anxiety. It also helps in clearing the mind and promotes clarity. So next time you’ll need any inspiration or finding ways to de-stress, just sweat it out.

4. Review your life goals

We all have goals in life and the first thing I’ll suggest everyone to do is to write it down and place around common spots you’ll usually notice. Whether it is a short or a long term goal, reviewing your goals every day puts your day into perspective. By taking this small step of reviewing it daily, you’ll manifest your thoughts and attract circumstances that contribute to your goal.

5. Get yourself prepared for the day

You’re bound to have a more productive day with good planning done. Think in advance, capture everything you’ll need to do, make a list of it and include time intervals it’ll take to accomplish them. The key here is to assess your priorities and to focus on absolutely what needs to be done.

Habits and that includes the habit of waking up early are created out of having regular cues that prompt a routine. If you’ll realize the importance of being an early riser, the benefits it’ll be and changes you’ll progressively experience, you’ll gradually be motivated and ride on a momentum that’ll stir your life towards success.

Because you’ve done all this, you’ll soon find betterment in life. You’ll be better in aspects of your career, relationships. You’ll feel more confident and will gradually make better decisions.  You’ll have the clarity and you’ll have the courage and persistence to pursue just about anything. You’ll have fun and you’ll appreciate life in beautiful ways; because you’ve fulfilled the soul by deciding, committing, responding and transforming your life.