If You Are Feeling Down And Out Of Place, Here Are 10 Things To Be Thankful For

“Life is like a Ferris wheel. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. In the end, you just have to learn how to enjoy the ride.” – Rubyanne

Whether you like it or not, bad things bound to happen. It can happen somewhere close to you or somewhere far away. Whenever life hits you hard, take your time reminiscing about the good old memories. You might find that it’s not that big of a deal anymore. The more positive thoughts you have the more positive you will look at life. So, if you are feeling down and out of place, here are 10 things to be thankful for.



Even if you have a disease, there are many other ways to celebrate your health. For example, you are breathing. You can see this beautiful world. You can stand and walk wherever you want to go. You can even laugh if you want to. Don’t let one hardship to blind your eyes to other gifts God has granted to you.


Yes, sometimes you feel like there is not enough money for you. Instead of thinking about the things you can’t buy and afford, train your mind to be grateful for whatever money that you have. Even if it just a small amount of money, it could be more than what others have.


Some people are fortunate enough to have multiple good friends, but even if you have one good friend, you should consider yourself blessed. Having someone to connect with, laugh with, and share experiences with is vital in our lives. So always be grateful for your friend who always by your side.


Your parents

You might want to run away from home or even choke them after fighting with them. Fighting and arguing will occur whether you like it or not. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. Even if your parents left you in a random dumpster, they still give you life. That’s what matters.

Sunday mornings

There’s nothing happier than waking up on Sunday morning and realize that you don’t have to get out of bed. Even if you work on Sunday, enjoy your day the same way you would on Sunday morning. Rise slowly and enjoy your day.

A pet

If you have a pet, spend time and be happy with them. If not, sit down and think fondly of your previous animal friends. Whether its long gone or recently lost, thinking about it can bring a smile to your face and remind you of its unconditional love towards you.


Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is perfect. All of us make mistakes. But most of the time, you don’t take the initiative to learn something from it. Starting now, you must have some time to ponder upon your mistakes. You’ll become better at finding solutions and make you appreciate the experience even if it’s not a good one.


Even if you live in a box or a mansion, having somewhere to lay and rest at night is something to be grateful for. If you feel unsatisfied with your crappy apartment, learn to be thankful for what you already have. When you change your perception of life, your life will change too.

Able to read

For your information, there are still people who don’t have any access to books and can’t read any written words. Hence, be grateful as you are able to read and get all the education you need in this world.

Clean air

Every single second, human beings breathe in air to stay alive. So, be glad that the air around you is not contaminated. With the use of chemical warfare increases, you never know how long the air will stay clean. So be thankful while you can.