Jack Ma’s 7 Lessons on Success, Career and Life

Jack Ma 7 Lessons on Success, Career and Life

Always learning and sharing, here are Jack Ma’s 7 lessons on success, career and life that he’s delivered in his speeches during his time at Alibaba’s She-Era 2017 and Global Netrepreneurs conference in HangZhou.

Being one of the richest people in the present world, Jack Ma has reigned from a humble and relentless beginning into what he has become today. He knows how it feels to be rejected multiple times, be it a university or a job. However, he kept pursuing his dreams and founded Alibaba, an enormous business success.

These takeaways are precious and will serve as clear reminders for all of us who are persistent in our pursuit to success.

Jack Ma’s 7 Lessons on Success, Career and Life

1. There will always be people trying to put you down.

Haters and naysayers; people telling you that it’s impossible are far too common. Otherwise, the people who believed in you won’t necessarily speak out.

According to Jack ma, that is just human nature. He elaborates: “When you’re right, no one will support you. When you’re wrong, everyone will criticize you.”

2. The view is much clearer when you’re at the top.

Jack Ma compared his days when he was just starting out with where he is at now. Started from scratch, he absolutely made it obvious that running a business is not a sprint. In fact, it is like climbing a mountain; with sheer determination and persistence, one will get to the top eventually.

He added, “When you’ve climbed up thousands of kilometres, what you see from your vantage point is very different from what you could see at the base. The problem with that is the people at the base may not believe what you say you can see from above.”

That is a challenge because the clearer you see things; the more afraid you’ll feel for those who are in it and are at the wrong track.

3. Don’t allow past successes to dictate you.

What works in the past may no longer be relevant in the present or future context.

Don’t let past successes hold you back from what is possible up front.

Ma exclaims, “If you are too fixated on the old ways of thinking, especially the successes of the past, you’ll suffer. Yesterday’s successes often hinder progress and these successful people are the most difficult people to change.”

4. Reach further and go beyond.

Ma addresses the importance of “Going Global”.

He emphasizes that at the time we are in now, if one does not embrace the idea of going global, the company don’t stand a chance.

Jack Ma’s 7 Lessons on Success, Career and Life

5. Don’t put your focus entirely into your business.

A big business does not necessarily mean a good business.

As Ma suggested, the bigger the company gets, the more tiring it actually becomes.

This is usually the case of new company start ups or for small entrepreneurs. When they put their attention entirely into their business, gradually, they’ll be faced with an immense amount of pressure whereby their contentment is influenced by how their businesses run.

Instead, focus on other aspects of your company that affects greatly as much as how the business runs. For example: Better customer service ensuring that they are happy, ensuring that your employees are happy and most importantly, be happy yourself.

6. Take pride in your business.

Love your business and venture because no one else will.

It’ll take time and effort but surely, no one will think it’s going to be as beautiful as you have anticipated it to be.

7. Be wise enough to judge opportunities that come your way.

Not all business opportunities are relevant and not especially those in exchange for late night entertainments.

Ma points out a few harsh words, “Business opportunities obtained through one or two glasses of wine cannot be relied on.”

“Believe it or not, since I set up my business in 1999, I’ve never entertained – I go out only because my friends are going and I’m happy, not because I’m chasing an order.”

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