54 Best Liberty Prime Quotes You Will Love

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If you opened this post after seeing the title, chances are you are a hardcore gamer and a fan of Fallout 3. But if you do not know what the title of this post is all about, we will surely educate you on that and let you on the best liberty prime quotes.

First off, liberty prime is a unique United Stated Army robot built to free Anchorage Alaska from the Communist invasion in the fallout universe. However, it was never used because of the power shortage issues with its internal system. Then, in Fallout 3, the robot was reactivated for help. Found by the Brotherhood of Steel, the robot is gigantic, standing 40 feet (12.19 meters) tall. Aside from that, the robot is heavily armored with a tactical grenade and this makes it a dangerous war asset.

With that being said, let us go straight into highlighting the best liberty prime quotes to refresh your memory.

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54 Best Liberty Prime Quotes You Will Love

  1. “Chairman Cheng will fail. China will fall.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Liberty Prime is online. All systems nominal. Weapons hot. Mission: the destruction of any and all Chinese communists.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Tactical assessment: Red Chinese victory—impossible.” – Liberty Prime
  1. . “Democracy is freedom, Communism is tyranny.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Americans are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Global positioning initialized. Location: the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, birthplace of American freedom.” – Liberty Prime

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Best Liberty Prime quotes on communism

  1.  “Ariel incursion by communist forces cannot succeed” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Hostile software detected. Communist subversion likely.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Warning. Power Core offline. Running on external power only. Core restart recommended.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Warning. Nuclear weapon payload depleted. Reload required.” – Liberty Prime
  1.  “Liberty Prime Full System Analysis: all systems nominal, weapons hot” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Warning: All personnel should move to minimum safe distance” – Liberty Prime

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More fallout Liberty Prime quotes on communists

  1. “Ground units, initiate Directive 7395; Destroy all communists” – Liberty Prime
  1. .“Memorial site; recognized. Honoring the fallen is the duty of every red-blooded American. Patriotism subroutines; engaged.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “We will not fear the Red Menace.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Initiating Directive 7395; Destroy all communists.” – Liberty Prime

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Liberty Prime quotes on democracy

  1.  “Accessing dictionary database. Entry: Communism- a form of government in which the state controls everything and the people are denied freedom.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Communism is a lie.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Freedom is always worth fighting for.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “I hold these truths to be self-evident that all Americans are created… equal. And are endowed with certain unalienable rights.” – Liberty Prime
  1.  “Accessing dictionary database. Entry: Democracy- a form of government in which the leader is chosen by vote and everyone has equal rights.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Mission: the destruction of any or all Chinese communists.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “American will never fall to communist invasion.” – Liberty Prime
  1.  “Probability of mission hinderance- zero percent.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom.” – Liberty Prime
  1. “Democracy will never be defeated.” – Liberty Prime
  1.  “Only together can we stop the spread of communism” – Liberty Prime
  2. “Better dead than red.” – Liberty Prime
  3.  “Democracy is the essence of good. Communism, the very definition of evil.” – Liberty Prime
  4.  “Obstruction detected. Composition: titanium alloy supplemented by photonic resonance barrier.” – Liberty Prime
  5. “Defeat is not an option” – Liberty Prime
  6. . “I’m here to chew ass and kick bubblegum.” – Liberty Prime
  7. “Voice module online. Audio functionality test initialized. Designation: Liberty Prime. Mission: the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska.” – Liberty Prime
  8. “Socialist danger appraisal Minimal. Examining defenses…” – Liberty Prime
  9. “Communist detected on American soil, lethal force engaged!” – Liberty Prime
  10. “Communist airship targeted! Destroy all communists!” – Liberty Prime
  11. “Glory is the reward of valor.” – Liberty Prime
“Glory is the reward of valor.” – Liberty Prime Click To Tweet
  1. “Communism is the very definition of failure.” – Liberty prime
  2. “Honoring the fallen is the duty of every red blooded American.” – Liberty Prime
  3. “Embrace democracy, or you will be eradicated.” – Liberty Prime
  4. . “Democracy is non-negotiable.” – Liberty prime
  5.  “Democracy is truth. Communism is death.” – Liberty Prime
  6. “Death is a preferable alternative to communism.” – Liberty Prime​
  7. “Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.” – Liberty Prime
  8. “There are no unicorns that pop out the ceiling and no glitter that pops out of my pocket. It’s just regular people in the studio doing what we do.” – Liberty Prime
  9. “Toward the later days of Sabbath, instead of going in and knocking out what songs we did in rehearsal, we would polish them to death.” – Liberty Prime
  10. ”Conflict is the soul of literature.” – Liberty Prime
  11. “I die so that democracy may live.” – Liberty Prime
  12. “The last domino falls here!” – Liberty Prime
  13. “Anchorage will be liberated.” – Liberty Prime

Which of these Fallout Liberty Prime quotes is your favorite?

Every gamer would agree with us that Liberty Prime was built to an embodiment of American military might. The gigantic and combat robot reminds the world what it means to be a superpower. When the human race was almost going to extinction, liberty prime stepped up and fought for freedom which was hard to earn. The robot single-handedly fought the selfish and hostile Enclave soldiers.

Liberty Prime leaves us with one lesson – do not give up no matter how tough it gets; keep fighting while we can. Despite the setbacks, he never relents, he always stands for what is right and will not be moved. Though programmed, these traits make him who he is and an inspiration to gamers worldwide.

Whether you are a Liberty prime fan or not, we hope these quotes above inspire you to remain solid and face every challenge of life and defeat them. Which of these liberty prime quotes is your favorite?