How To Make Money Online Blogging And Facebook Page


Hey everyone, this is Jay here. Since founding Great Big Minds in the year 2017 itself and pursuing full time at it, I’ve been constantly asked a lot on how is it that one can actually make money online blogging and through Facebook pages.

In this post, I’m going to start by giving you a general history of how Great Big Minds started, what was being done to catapult its success (over a million fans and followers in under 1 year) and how I gradually begin monetizing in order to make money online.

I strongly believe this post will be extremely helpful for you if you’re just starting out or that you’ve had plans on starting one. Just remember, words that I share may only inspire and help but only actions you’ll be taking can create change.

A big bulk of my income every month comes vastly via my two most engaging platform which are through my Facebook page and my blog. On average, I make over $10,000 – $15,000 per month through different forms; of which I’ll be sharing more later in this post.

Back in 2017, I started Great Big Minds out of my passion to inspire others in living life to their fullest. Never in my wildest dreams, I would have imagined that I could earn a great income today; working full time in something that I love doing.

It’s not going to be an overnight success. In fact, the first few months itself were the most tedious because growing the page and website takes time and effort. Nevertheless, I can assure you that your efforts will not go to waste.

So long you persist, it’s going to be very benefiting for you in the long run once it starts kicking off.

Don’t make money your priority

Stop chasing the Dollars. Even though we all want to make money online, here’s what I believe in.

When you work on something you love doing, money will follow suit thereafter.

Here’s something I love and am good at: all things positive and creating engaging videos.

Great Big Minds is a result of these two passions I have.

Here are a few examples of posts and videos on Great Big Minds that went viral (and it still continuing to be up until today).


• 18 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants To Admit
13M views, 98K likes, 5.8K comments, 433K shares

• 10 Morning Habits Of Mentally Strong People
184K views, 2.3K likes, 50 comments, 5.6K shares

• 8 Signs Of Fake Nice People
34M views, 441K likes, 23K comments, 1.2M shares

• The Tragically Heart Breaking And Uplifting Story Of Keanu Reeves
278K views, 1.8K likes, 226 comments, 2.5K shares

• 13 Personality Traits That All Successful People Have
372K views, 4.1K likes, 133 comments, 12K shares

• 11 Rules You Will Never Learn In School
24M views, 227K likes, 7.4K comments, 755K shares

 20 Life Lessons Written By A 90 Year Old
1.7M views, 23K likes, 625 comments, 58K shares

• 7 Most Difficult Yet Comforting Things To Accept In Life
1.2M views, 29K likes, 399 comments, 62K shares

• 8 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective About Life
2.9M views, 47K likes, 1K comments, 138K shares


• Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart
1.1K likes, 11 comments, 370 shares

• 5 Types of People to Avoid
2.3K likes, 63 comments, 5.1K shares

 7 Hard Truths About Life to Know About
1.5K likes, 13 comments, 1.7K shares

• 5 Ways On How To Be More Confident
1.9K likes, 25 comments, 2.6K shares

• 3 Simple Rules In Life To Remember
3.6K likes, 67 comments, 6.1K shares

• The Difference Between A Boss And A Leader
5.9K likes, 252 comments, 34K shares

 7 Types Of Negativity To Kill
2.3K likes, 45 comments, 4.3K shares

Notice the things I did weren’t the most complex creation on the planet. In fact, I believe in providing value first and keeping things simple.

Passion is energy. If you want to be successful, you have to follow your passion; not your paycheck or the money.

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Content is still king

Give value first. We live in a world where we often ask “what’s in it for us?”.

Great Big Minds was created out of my soul purpose of inspiring others because by doing so, it motivates me to become a better person myself.

Most of the content that I’ve put up were also things that I personally would find of interest in because if I would have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so will others.

Though it’s okay at times to follow what’s trending, remember that trends do come and go.

Discover your passion and what is it that you enjoy. It can be gardening, pet grooming, cooking, discovering recipes, travelling, make money online, making money offline, marketing, sales, leadership, whatever that may be, know that where your interest is, there you’ll find money in it.

Technical Skills And Know-Hows Are Overrated

Sure, it’s an added advantage if you’ll have some technical skills at hand.

But if you haven’t had one, don’t allow that to limit you.

In the digital age we are living it, it is so easy for you to engage freelancers for just about doing anything today.

Today, Great Big Minds’ team consist of a number of freelancers and virtual assistants when it comes to page managing, data collection & analysis as well as graphic creations. This allows me more time to plan and work on other ventures; entrusting the tedious tasks into the hands of freelancers I know I can personally rely on for.

As your blog, business and page grows, it is crucial for you to spend your time productively.

Remember, highly productive people are the ones who automate everything as much as possible simply by means of outsourcing and delegating tasks.

Here are some of the freelancer platforms I personally use:

• Fiverr – Here is where I’ll usually source for the more general freelancing services; data collection. For only just $5, you get to outsource your most tedious tasks from a range of freelancers available. Though for tasks that may require certain set of skills like article writing and creating graphics, I’ll go for Upwork over Fiverr.

• Upwork – Upwork is often my to-go for most of my required outsource tasks. I personally find freelancers from Upwork having a better-quality range in terms of skills, deliverability and results; which also translates to higher service fees.  Nevertheless, if you’re tight on budget to start, you can always start off with Fiverr; so long you do your due-diligence in filtering the better rated freelancers from the ones that are not.

How did I make money online blogging and through Facebook page:

Taking Part In Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online Blogging

Affiliate marketing is generally where my bulk of monthly income derives from. As of now, it’s averagely giving me $6,000 a month just from doing affiliate marketing itself.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’ll continue growing as well, as I work on ranking more keywords up on Google. That’ll be more about SEO and it’ll be something I’ll talk about soon in my later posts.

What makes affiliate marketing simple and effective is that as long as you have traffic (which means you have people constantly coming into your website or page), you get to make a commission out of other people’s product in a form of perhaps recommendations or posts after any successful purchase.

This is definitely something I like about affiliate marketing because it’ll only require a one-time upfront work and you get to make money down the long run, with minimal or no effort needed thereafter.

You’re generally be given a unique affiliate link for the particular product that you’ll be promoting. Example is my Bluehost (Easy WordPress Hosting Solution at only $3.95/month) link that I’ve been recommending.

For every customer that’ll purchase your reviewed product through your unique affiliate link given by the vendor, you make a percentage of commission cut out of it.

Depending on the types of product whether it be of physical or digital product, the commission percentage can range from as much as 60% of the selling price.

Your made commission will then be tracked in your own account dashboard whereby you’ll get to withdraw them as your funds are being released usually within 30-60 days after.

Here are 2 main affiliate marketplaces I go to:

• Clickbank - Here is usually my to-go for a range of digital products to review and promote. They have an extensive array of niches to pick from where you’ll get to select one that’ll be deemed fitting for your blog.

• JVZoo – If you are into the digital marketing niche, JVZoo offers a number of quality internet marketing products for you to work with. Highly recommend!

• Amazon Affiliate Program – Amazon is a known and trusted site therefore that is an added advantage for many affiliates alike when it comes to reviewing products. Definitely recommended for those who’ll be interested in reviewing physical products.

Direct Sponsorship Fees

Due to the sheer amount of engagements that Great Big Minds has on our Facebook page and website, I have been approached by companies and individuals alike to either publish or post their content up.

These sponsored contents can range from videos, reviews, or articles of the kind of services and product they are intending to market.

When I was first approached, I made a mistake in not performing my due-diligence to find out how much I should be charging for.

It was a mistake that costs me to undercut my own value of which you should never overlooked.

Remember, there will be people and companies convincing you why you are only worth that much. It is your responsibility then to check on how much your platform is worth and to charge as accordingly considered the effort and time you’ve spent into growing and establishing it.

Nowadays, I charge from a range of $500 - $950 per sponsored post depending on type and requirements.

The more establish your platforms are, the higher it is you get to charge respectively.

Facebook Instant Article

Facebook has come a long way and nowadays, there are various monetization interface via Facebook that’ll enable publishers of website to make decent amount of income.

At Great Big Minds, I make about an average of $1,000 per month via Facebook Instant Article.

Generally, the rule of thumb to making money online via Facebook Instant Article is to have as much engagements, traffics and eyeballs as you have for your article link shared on Facebook.

Then of course, the more engaged your articles are, the higher the reach it gets and Facebook Instant Article pays you for that.

It is quite a straight forward application and it will be an advantage for you once your page reaches a high number of likes and followers.

Getting Paid Via Advertising Networks

Advertising network integrations platforms such as Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and are some of the ones that I’ll recommend having when you have a high traffic website.

Its general ad integration consists of having in-text, display ads and banner ads. These ads are usually what’s place around your blog, particularly on sidebars, in between posts or after every article.

Thought I don’t quite make as much from Advertising Networks integration, but it’s definitely an insert the code-and-forget revenue making platform I take advantage of for my website.

Again, the general rule of thumb to making more from advertising network platforms is the more views and traffic you receive, the higher your earnings will be.

I hope from this article, you’ll get an idea at the glimpse of REAL possibility you can make money online blogging and through a Facebook page.

If you’ve come across any challenges or you’ll have questions about it, please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll help you as best as I can.