Move On With These 5 Methods After A Lost Love

move on with these 5 methods after a lost love

The aftermath pain of a broken relationship could be the worst feelings you have to face. To make it worse, it can come out of nowhere – one day you’re in a warm and loving relationship and the next thing your partner is no longer beside you. It can happen instantly that you have no chance to prepare for the pain. However, in some cases, the relationship can be fixed or renewed after heartbreak. But if it’s not, the only and best choice for both parties is to move on. You can move on with these 5 methods after a lost love.


Time to grieve

Pretending to be okay after a break up is never the answer to move on. By holding yourself back, you will only make things worse. You’ll end up blaming and hurting yourself even more. Instead, have some time to grieve for your lost. You could read self-help books, get advice from your friends or family or even listen to your favorite songs.

Forgive, not fear

It is best to forgive your partner and accept the reality even if he’s the one who broke up with you. But people rarely do this. Instead, you will do everything you can to keep him off your mind. You get busy because you are afraid of the feelings you had with them to stir up again. What you should do is to understand and forgive. You have the opportunity to be happy. It’s all within you.


Don’t skip the pain

Skipping the pain altogether might seem like a great idea.

No, it’s not. You might spend day or weeks asking a confrontation with someone who broke your heart. You will take every opportunity to attack them with questions like why did you hurt me? Why did you leave me? Why did you disappoint me? If you are not ready to let go of the pain and anger, your partner might not be able to give you a great explanation yet. Remember: just as you both are in love with each other, you will both feel the pain from the breakup.

 The anger will disappear

Believe that as the day passed, you will get better. Even if you had a tough time accepting it, you’ll recover from it. Nothing is permanent in this world. All of those pain and anger will disappear and become a memory.  Understand this concept and forgiveness will come to you.


Learn from it

You will move on eventually. It’s going to be a roller-coaster ride, but you won’t stuck with pain and loneliness forever. You might make some mistakes on your way to move on but what matters the most is to learn from it and not doing it again.