Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: An Open Letter


Dear wanderers,

The world is moving at a pace so fast that it is so difficult to catch a quick breath.

Peers are now striving towards buying their first car or paying a deposit for their first property. Some have reached international grounds and some are married with children.

And then there are some of lost souls, still seeking for a purpose in life. We thought this is going to be our year. The year where we finally find our calling.

However, nothing seems to be happening so far.

We are all here on Earth for a purpose. Some of our purpose is more distinct than others.

That does not mean everyone stops trying. Our purpose does not end at just one thing.

Please do not be discouraged. Keep seeking for your calling. Like mentioned before, the world is moving in such a fast pace.

You never know what may come a year from now, why you don’t know what may come tomorrow.

But while you are here, there is still something useful you can do in the meantime. Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R Tolkien

So what if you have not gotten a stable job with high paying income.

You can always do something good like volunteering or raising funds for a social cause.

Advocate for the things that requires advocacy. Raise awareness, donate, and influence your social circle to fight for a cause.

You are all smart, tech-savvy, creative individuals. You can do anything you want if you set your heart to it.

And you should because there are many out there still suffering for what may seem so basic to us like clean water or healthy food.

While technology and the modern world may be growing, humanity still needs your help.

Homelessness, poverty, inadequate healthcare, lack of facilities, rape, improper access to education, cyber-bullying, just to a name a few from the endless list.

We all play a role in ensuring that the suffering of mankind is on its way to an end.