120 Quotes About Procrastination And Overcoming Laziness

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How many times have you had a task to deliver but for some reason, you keep putting off the work until the deadline comes staring at you? The work is then finished in a frenzy of stress and caffeine. If you are guilty of this, there are a lot of quotes about procrastination that will help you ditch this bad habit.

Before we delve into these quotes, we need to understand why we procrastinate. We procrastinate for different reasons, either we are so focused on getting it right, or we are scared of the unknown. Other times, we lack motivation, or we are not clear about how to start. Some people will rather focus on smaller tasks because they are easier and others are simply lazy.

Whatever category you are in, these quotes about procrastination will kick out that bad habit and will motivate you to do better. So, let’s get right into it.

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120 quotes about procrastination and overcoming laziness

  1. “If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” — Olin Miller
  1. “Let’s take care of the little things while they’re still little.” — John G. Miller
  1. “The web is a dangerous place for a mind begging to slack off and be distracted by nonsense.” — Michelle M. Pillow
procrastination quotes
  1. “If and perhaps, the language of procrastination and uncertainty. That’s just people looking to justify their own lack of action.” — John Flanagan, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
famous quotes about procrastination
  1. “If you have goals and procrastination, you have nothing. If you have goals and you take action, you will have anything you want.” — Thomas J. Vilord
funny quotes about procrastination
  1. “Procrastination is the kidnapper of souls, and the recruiting-officer of Hell.” — Edward Irving
quotes about procrastination funny
  1. “To procrastinate obedience is to disobey God.” — Randy Alcorn
quotes about procrastination god
  1. “It’s time to stop following your dreams and time to start chasing them!” — Habeeb Akande
motivational quotes about procrastination
  1. “Procrastination and excuses are sour spices that spoil the sweet taste of an effective work. They must hence, not be prompted under desire, partly because they are strictly time-stripping and also because they have no known essence.” — Israelmore Ayivor
images famous quotes about procrastination
  1. “The scary thing is, the more I slack off, the more it piles up and the more it piles up, the more I slack off.” — Amelia Mysko, Hold On
silly quotes about procrastination
  1. “Do what you know needs to be done.” — Lynda A. Calder, The Enigma Diaries: Hidden History
do quotes about procrastination
  1. “Improvement is always on the schedule for tomorrow. Change is always taking place some time in the future. It’s human nature.” — Dan Pearce
improvement quotes about procrastination
  1. “I seem to be allergic to diligence, and Lola said, Ha. What you’re allergic to is trying.” — Junot Díaz
funny quotes about procrastination
  1. “No more excuses or procrastination! Stop allowing your days to be stolen by busy nothingness and take calculated steps towards your goals.”
excuse quotes about procrastination
  1. “Whatever actions you take, keep in mind that over the course of life, you will fail far more from timidity, procrastination, and carefulness than you will from just stepping up to the plate and, as we say in Australia, giving it a bloody go!” — Margie Warrell, Find Your Courage!
inspirational quotes about procrastination
  1. “Procrastination is the seed of self-destruction.” — Matthew Burton
self destruction quotes about procrastination
  1. “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” — Anne Frank
improvement quotes about procrastination
  1. “Did I become a court composer through masterful procrastination? Hardly!” — Rachel Hartman, Seraphina
best quotes about procrastination

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Famous quotes about procrastination

  1. “We must remember balance and moderation. Patience can be spiritually enriching and virtuous but when taken in excess, it turns to procrastination, the poison of inaction.”— Steve Maraboli,
famous quotes about procrastination
  1. “If you ask me, reincarnation is just another way to procrastinate.” — Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby
motivational quotes about procrastination
  1. “Let’s make progress, not excuses.” — Justin Cotillard
progress quotes about procrastination
  1. “Nothing says work efficiency like panic mode.” — Don Roff
panic quotes about procrastination
  1. “Q: When is the perfect time? A: Who can say, but probably somewhere between haste and delay – and it’s usually most wise to start today.”— Rasheed Ogunlaru
time quotes about procrastination
  1. “Procrastination is the best action against putting an ankle bracelet” — Mehmet Murat ildan
action quotes about procrastination
  1. “Is there anything you have been putting off until another day? How about today?” —  Paula Heller Garland
today quotes about procrastination
  1. “When it comes to death, procrastination is encouraged.” — D.E. Navarro
best quotes about procrastination
  1. “KISS Procrastination Away: Keep It Super Simple, Keep It Step-by-Step, Keep It Scheduled and Systematic.” — Lisa Mininni
simple quotes about procrastination
  1. “Sadly, retirement planning, in many circumstances, has become nothing more than planned procrastination.” — Richie Norton
inspiring quotes about procrastination
  1. “A credit card allows you to transcend time. For it allows you to put off until tomorrow what you bought today, while you are still paying off what you bought yesterday.” — Robert Morrissette
time quotes about procrastination
  1. “You put things off and then one morning you wake up and say—today I will change the oil in my truck.” — Charles Portis, Gringos
morning quotes about procrastination
  1. “The problem with spiritual procrastination is the uncertain time of the deadline.” — Kevin Thoman
problem quotes about procrastination
  1. “If hard work is the source of happiness, then we can conclude that the main job of procrastination is to delay that happiness for excuses to kill.” — Israelmore Ayivor
hard work quotes about procrastination
  1. “Majority of excuses are deliberate attempts to keep success far away. Eventually, the success goes away because that is the command “excuses” gave out; “pack and go”!” — Israelmore Ayivor
excuses quotes about procrastination
  1. “Procrastination threatens critics’ livelihood.” — Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Confessions of a Misfit
life quotes about procrastination
  1. “Procrastination and fear are the enemies of success; the war is lifelong, but the battles are daily.” — Noel DeJesus
success quotes about procrastination
  1. “24 hours a day, ain’t enough anymore! But give some a Century a day and procrastination would still be their undoing.” — Nike Thaddeus
goal quotes about procrastination

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More funny quotes about procrastination

  1. “Ughhhhh I’ll do it LATERRRRRR” — Aisha Cat
  2. “Get it Right today, for today wil never come again” — Seyi Ayoola
  3. “Don’t wait for people to dress your bed for you, do it yourself and you’ll be glad to sleep and feel relaxed.” — Michael Bassey Johnson
  4. “A credit card allows you to transcend time. For it allows you to put off until tomorrow what you bought today, while you are still paying what you bought yesterday.” — Robert Morrissette
  5. “Procrastination threatens to rob us of those things that are most important in our lives.” —  Richie Norton
  6. “Nobody is responsible for your sorrows and poverty, not even the devil. It is the work of the enemies of time that lives in some men, and their names are, ‘Laziness and Procrastination’.” — Michael Bassey Johnson
  7. “Delay is not a help-mate. The cemetery is full of people who thought they could DO IT tomorrow. Do It Now!” — Israelmore Ayivor
  8. “Somedays you’re the cue ball, somedays you are the eight ball” — Pablo
  9. “Striving for perfection can get in the way during the early stages of the creative process.” — David Kelley
  10. “Imagine what your life would be like if you were completely uninhibited by fear, pride, or procrastination. What would you be capable of? Anything.” — Richie Norton
  11. “It is better to act too quickly than it is to wait too long.” — Jack Welch
  12. “My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!” — Charles Dickens
  13. “Instead of waiting for the right moment, BE the right moment. You won’t be ready for anything if you aren’t ready to be you.” — Kaiden Blake, Before Ever After
  14. “One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that needs not to be done at all.” — Brian Tracy
  15. “Listen, you are no longer a boy. You are forty. When will you learn not to wait for chance but to build on what you have and use each day to consolidate your position? Why have you never been anything more than Tribune? Because your plans always begin with next month.” — Thorton Wilder
  16. “Wait now or wait, wait later.” — Brian Spellman, Cartoonist’s Book Camp
  17. “It is always easier to edit what has been written than to write what has not been done.” — Cody McLain
  18. “I wake up every morning thinking about all the great things I am going to accomplish that day, and I go to bed every night thinking about all the even greater things I’m going to have to accomplish tomorrow to make up for the nothing I did today.” — John A. Ashley

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Motivational quotes about procrastination

  1. “Take excuses and procrastination as your enemies. Let them see you and frown their faces and bypass you without greetings. You will excel if you don’t internalize the habit of giving excuses.” — Israelmore Ayivor
  2. “Even hell will give you an incentive not to reach for heaven.” — Garry Crystal,
  3. “Now-people” are winners; they say “now” and they do it “now”! Do not delay.” — Israelmore Ayivor
  4. “If you really want to succeed in what you do, obey this rule. Wake up very early, go to bed late. Occupy your time usefully!” — Israelmore Ayivor
  5. “There is a valid reason why they say live everyday as if it were your last, the truth is, there is no tomorrow – just today.” — Uneñ Ameji
  6. “You are asking for an extra hour after you have wasted a day.”— Gnalluap
  7. “One very important key to maintaining our daily sanity is a simple scheduling tactic I call Putting Things the Hell Off.”— Ian Frazier
  8. “Don’t stay in this now. You’ll fall behind.” — Brian Spellman, Cartoonist’s Book Camp
  9. “Never allow doubt to roam unimpeded within you. When it arises acknowledge it immediately, and then exterminate it with extreme prejudice.” — Noel DeJesus
  10. “JOIN THE CIRCUS OF CHAOS … juggling, stilt walking, and other skills for socially acceptable procrastination.”— Pat Murphy
  11. “Resist the short term temptation of procrastination; the immediate pleasure and relief that it brings does not fare well in comparison to the long lasting damage it does to your dreams and goals.” — Noel DeJesus
  12. “Today and tomorrow is an illusion, days are all joined together, and if you are waiting for your time, you are wasting your time.” — Michael Bassey Johnson
  13. “You always have time for the things you put first.” 
  14. “I believe that 99 percent of what anyone does can effectively be postponed.” — Amy Hempel
  15. “How can you attain satisfaction if you have more excuses than action?” — Stanley Victor Paskavich
  16. “Don’t be lazy. Hard work brings happiness. There is no other time to avoid being lazy. Take that decision now. Kick laziness out.” — Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream
  17. “Procrastination has become a it’s own solution – a tool I can use to push myself so close to disaster that I become terrified and flee towards success.” — Allie Brosh
  18. “Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination” —  Christina Scalise

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Best quotes about procrastination

  1. “Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you.” — Paulo Coelho 
  2. “Procrastination is failing to get on with life itself.” — Timothy A. Pychyl
  3. “So I won’t. I won’t think of it, and I’ll make procrastination my new national pastime.” —  Kendra Blake
  4. “Where procrastination and excuses reign, success is more often missed than delayed. Opportunity they say comes but once. You must therefore be prepared to tap every good opportunity that appears on your way” — Israelmore Ayivor
  5. “The main factors that sponsor the abuse of time include procrastination and excuses. Procrastination makes you shift a task that you can do now into the unseen future; excuses are the reasons why you shift that task.” — Israelmore Ayivor
  6. “On ACTION: “Stop talking; start DO-ing.” — Nanci McGraw
  7. “Nothing is too difficult unless you decide to keep shifting it to tomorrow till you can’t do it any longer.” — Israelmore Ayivor
  8. “Procrastinators are pros at neglecting now and languishing later.” — Ryan Lilly
  9. “Be prepared before you begin. You save yourself from delay if you are fully prepared. Preparation sets you for excellence.” — Israelmore Ayivor
  10. “Decide to dream big dreams and make them happen. Never let procrastination and excuses squeeze your dreams to become small. Do it early and do it big!” — Israelmore Ayivor
  11. “In a personalized world, important but complex or unpleasant issues are less likely to come to our attention at all.” — Eli Pariser
  12. “Regret is failure to act in accordance with what your heart is saying to you” — Blake Higginbotham
  13. To lead from the front you must get off your behind.” — Orrin Woodward
  14. “Not now” easily grows to become “never”; You either do it now or lose it forever!” —  Israelmore Ayivor
  15. “Never put things off…you will wake up and find them gone.” — James Jones
  16. “People that read fucking books don’t take action!”— Daniel S. Peña
  17. “Tomorrow is like infinity,it doesn’t really exist.”— Ali Asad
  18. “We’re our own hardest critics and it’s easy to let ourselves down. Sleeping too late. Procrastinating.”— Marina Keegan

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Inspirational quotes about procrastination

  1. “Remember, action today can prevent a crisis tomorrow.”— Steve Shallenberger
  2. “People that read fucking books don’t take action!” — Dan Pena
  3. “You are only earning the life you get when your inaction allows people to decide for you.”— Shannon L. Alder
  4. “I think of myself as something of a connoisseur of procrastination, creative and dogged in my approach to not getting things done.”— Susan Orlean
  5. “Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible.” — George Lorimer
  6. “When you have a plan in your mind of what the best life is for you, but it doesn’t match your life, you have pain.”— Shannon L. Alder
  7. “When you’ve found your inner artist, suddenly nothing is ever finished” — Damond Jiniya
  8. “Idle hands are the devil’s greatest tools. But it’ll be good to notice that the tools are sharpened by idle heads. You are idle because that’s the job your mind gave you!” —  Israelmore Ayivor
  9. “The more you hesitate to do an important task, the more urgent it becomes.” —  Matshona Dhliwayo
  10. “Doing things at the last minute reminds us of the importance of doing things at the first min“How to stop procrastinating starts with believing you can overcome procrastination.” — Robert Moment
  11. “Procrastination can be overcome with effective time management skills and strategies.” — Robert Moment
  12. “Consistency with the right strategic plan is the ultimate key to success. Yesterday’s action would never make up for today’s procrastination.” —  Edmond Mbiaka
  13. “The natural consequence of being connected to the depth, what I call the soul, or your essence, is the attribute of joy.” — Tony Samara
  14. “All you have is today. Never mourn for tomorrow that is past and gone. You don’t deserve to starve today of its pleasure and treasure. Feel happy!” — Israelmore Ayivor
  15. “The way to Bliss is through Understanding, through Wisdom.” — Tony Samara
  16. “True laziness is the commitment to decrease work and increase efficiency; reduce burden and boost creativity; expand your knowledge and avoid complications; minimize effort and still get it done.” — Alan Rios
  17. “As you embrace Consciousness, you embrace Perfection.” — Tony Samara
  18. “Wisdom is a true activity of compassion. And so, meditation is the act of loving kindness. It is the activity where loving kindness is applied on all levels.” — Tony Samara

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Read more quotes about procrastination

  1. “Spiritual practice is allowing the temple (your body) to be full of light and to live life as a total celebration.” — Tony Samara
  2. “Procrastination is the best friend of depression.” — Debasish Mridha
  3. “Satisfaction doesn’t come from needs and desires or fulfilling them, it comes from being yourself, being true.” — Tony Samara
  4. “There is absolutely no worse death curse than the humdrum daily existence of the living dead.” — Anthon St. Maarten
  5. “Procrastination is a form of punishment” — Jill Badonsky
  6. “Tomorrow is red with the blood of murdered resolutions.” — Charles H. Spurgeon
  7. “The problem with a lot of people is that they procrastinate as if tomorrow doesn’t have some tasks of its own.” — Edmond Mbiaka
  8. “Never wait till tomorrow to attend to the urgent demands of today.” — Edmond Mbiaka
  9. “Try not to attract stress in your life through procrastination; the future already has its challenging demands.” — Edmond Mbiaka
  10. “It is always easier to edit what has been written than to write what has not been started.” — Cody Mclain
  11. “Where there is no sense of urgency, there is usually a strong habit of procrastination.” — Edmond Mbiaka
  12. “Vagueness and procrastination are ever a comfort to the frail in spirit.” — John Updike

Which of the following quotes about procrastination motivates you the most?

Having read these quotes about procrastination, you need to print them out and possibly stick them on the wall in front of your workstation. This is to ensure that you do not forget them or get distracted by a different desire other than getting a task done.

Would it be easy overcoming procrastination? Hell no. But being aware of how harmful it is to your dreams and goals should be the only push you need to overcome it.

It’s high time you stop focusing on irrelevant tasks when you have a major task to deliver. Daydreaming about the result of your work will not get it done. That is why you have many unfinished projects. And it is also one of the reasons why you get overwhelmed and anxious most times because suddenly there are a lot of things to do within a limited time.

Stop procrastinating today and see your productivity level skyrocket.