Rewire Your Brain To Stay Focused And Be Present With These 20 Easy Mindful Practices

rewire your brain to stay focused and be present with these 20 easy mindful practices

Sometimes, you tend to think about your past and worrying about the future too much. What you should do is to focus more on the present day and be grateful for what you have right now. To do so, you can rewire your brain to stay focused and be present with these 20 easy mindful practices.


Waking up

Start your day by taking deep breaths to clear your mind. Don’t reach out to your phone first thing in the morning and don’t let your mind flooded with thoughts before getting out of your bed.

Out of bed

Your bed can be the most comfortable place, especially in the morning. Despite how great it is, you must get out of your bed and don’t waste your time lingering on it any longer. Enjoy the warmth from the blankets and then immediately get moving.

Make your bed

It is agreed by many experts that accomplishing something as you start your day can set you up for success. Hence, making your bed is an ideal way to set your path for the day. Be sure to pay more attention to how you fold the blankets and fluffing the pillows.


Starting your day with a shower can be a good ritual to stay reminded that you are cleansing your body for the day ahead.

Dress up

Instead of dress to impress, it’s way more important to choose something comfortable to be worn throughout the day. Pick your favorite outfit and feel good about it.


It’s very crucial to start your morning peacefully. So, instead of frantically trying to organize your day, you should sit and listen to the kettle boiling.

Hot drinks

Drinking hot liquid can increase your focus on the here and now. It’s because you are trying not to burn your tongue with it and you’ll be more mindful while drinking it. This will helps you to take your time and enjoy your drink. If it’s a glass of cold water, you’d be rushing to finish it.


Brush your teeth

Do you know that even brushing your teeth can change your day into something great? Yes, it’s possible when you do it correctly. How? By being aware of how the bristles feel on your teeth and are thankful for having the tools to keep your teeth clean and healthy.


Listen attentively to the sound you played and observe on how it makes you feel.

Jot down your task

While you are writing it down, feel the weight of the pen you’re using and the texture of the paper. It will help you to be present.


Running will make you focus more on your strides and the feel of your feet on the ground. You wouldn’t think much while running hence, clearing your brain more.


Feel the silkiness of your hair through your fingers and be amazed at something so simple and beautiful.

Red lights

Whenever you stop at a red light, take some time to breathe deeply and be grateful for the car you drive. Don’t let the stress from the traffic gets into your head.


You can also spend your leisure time walking. Taking a walk can help you to stay present and be aware of your thoughts in a new way.


Hug someone

Don’t hug someone out of the blue. Be sure to give it wholeheartedly and mean it.


Adding a workout routine in your day can make you stay in the present moment.


Whether you’re eating a double cheeseburger or a salad, you should take your time to savor the taste of it. Feel the texture of your food and enjoy the lovely aroma from it.


Giving your full attention to something can be a difficult thing to do. But if you are working on being present, try paying attention to someone when they talk. Don’t check on your phone, or do other activities.  Just listen.


Sit down on your favorite chair and relax. Clear your mind by taking a deep breath and feel better about the here and now.

Set timers

Struggling to focus? Use a timer instead. Set 15 minutes timers to plug away at your work.