Stop Trying To Figure Out Your Life Purpose And Start Living

stop trying to figure out your life purpose and start living

If you feel lost and tend to think about a million things at the same time, you will probably never figure out your purpose in life. Some people believe that soul-searching would solve the problem, but it won’t if you don’t feel connected to your life. You will not find your life purpose by overthinking either. The answer will not magically come to you, no matter how desperate you are.

Bottom line is, you can’t force things to happen. It won’t be easy to get ‘aha moments,’ but it’s surely not impossible. There are ways to ‘crack the code’ and unleash your inner self. Here’s why you should stop trying to figure out your life purpose and start living:           


1) It’s a life-long process                

First of all, you need to acknowledge that figuring out who you are and your place in the world is an ongoing process. Your surroundings will change and so will you. Let go of the idea that you only have one purpose in life and start following your passions. Sometimes living a passion-filled life is the only purpose you need.

Reassess your life goals with intention. Determine what you want in life. Ask yourself the right questions. Give it a trial run. Be open to new experiences. Stop saying ‘no’ to the unknown. Reach out to like-minded people. Research. Stop caring about what people think and just be true to yourself.

2) You need to be present

You need to live in the moment and give it your full attention because distractions will not get you closer to your life purpose. If you’re always too busy searching for it, you will miss out on life and lose the opportunity to create the best version of yourself. Take action. Grow. The more you act, the clearer things will get.

Instead of overthinking or worrying too much, start taking little steps toward your goals and try new things. This will lead you to what you love doing and your purpose will eventually come to you. Once you discover what you must do, everything will fall into place. Don’t rush it. Don’t stress yourself out. Whatever you do, just give it your best shot and be present.


3) Your heart is the best tool, not your head

Your purpose in life will not come through your thoughts. It can only come through your heart. What do you love most in life? When you feel inspired and connected with yourself, good things will start to flow. You will be more motivated to explore new ideas and experiences. Doing what you love will help you gain more insights into what brings you the most joy and what truly matters to you. But in order to use your heart as a tool, you will first need to learn to be present.

In a nutshell, don’t let your anxiety stop you from being present. Be in the moment and give your best in everything you do. It’s okay to reassess your life goals from time to time. In order to feel more connected with your life, reach out to your passions and take consistent action!

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” – Terry Orlick